Senior Boys Boarding

Dear parents and carers,

As Mrs Brown has alluded to, we have had quite a busy time over the last few weeks with ten pin bowling and Valentines’ Day, as well as the usual sport related comings and goings with cricket, swimming, basketball and touch football. Many of the boys have also begun to train for the rugby season, not too far away. With these regular commitments, on top of other types of leave, comes the usual last minute requests and flurry of emails, text messages and phone calls. I regularly remind the boys to get their leave organised early in the week and although many do, there are always late changes of plans or last minute reasons for going home. From my perspective, it is important for the boys’ safety and for your peace of mind that they adhere to the guidelines and policies regarding leave and the associated permissions.

Wherever possible, the most efficient process for both the request and for parental approval is through our Reach boarding programme. Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Michelle Brown if you are experiencing difficulties with this program. If your son’s leave involves travelling in private vehicles or their own vehicle with other passengers, could I please request that all parents sign and return – to both me and to Mr David Proudlove –  the required ‘Permission to Travel’ form well ahead of time. If you would like a copy of this document for future use, please just ask and I can send one via email.

Whilst it is hard to believe, next Friday marks the halfway mark for the term and as busy as we have been thus far, as the year progresses we are only going to get busier. I look forward to working with the boys and with you, their parents and carers, throughout the year to ensure they get the best of the opportunity that boarding at SCOTS PGC has to offer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time regarding your son’s progress whilst at the College.

Kind regards, Phil Stiles


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Current Year 12 boy boarder, Harry Whibley in 2013

Current Boarding Vice-captain Charlie Brennand enjoying a burger at a boarder activity 5 years ago

On Monday 19th February 2018,  Mitch Ford celebrates his 18th birthday, above is a photo of Mitch celebrating his 13th birthday in boarding!