Senior Art Students’ Showcase Talents

Bridget Hegerty and Paean Sarkar’s artworks have been selected for the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Arts. Their artworks are on display at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery from 11th of August – 9th of September. The awards celebrate and recognise the highest standard of Year 12 artworks by students within the region.

During the process of making their works, both students explored new materials and media. Paean made her first performance artwork and learnt how to edit film and sound, while Bridget documented the visual effects of scientific experiments through video and photography.

It would be fantastic to see the College community rally around our budding artists by visiting the gallery and seeing their artwork on display.

If Bridget or Paean are successful in their entries, their artworks will be shortlisted and selected to be a part of the Creative Generation travelling exhibition touring galleries throughout Queensland and eventually finishing in Brisbane at South Bank at the Gallery of Modern Art.

Both Bridget and Paean are congratulated on their achievements in being selected for the regional exhibition. An outstanding effort by both students. – Mrs Carmen O’Grady – Art Teacher

Paean Sarkar, Defining Space – Movement (2018). Performance art video duration 2 minutes 40 seconds.

“My work ‘Defining Space – Movement’ is a simplified representation of an abstract concept of space. Movement of my body and free-flowing rope activates the boundless three-dimensional extent that is space. The relative position and direction of my body and matter attempt to define the intangible. This artwork is very much influenced by Justine William’s style of performance. I have stripped the piece of any emotional or metaphorical meaning through grey-scale and life-less background noise.”

Bridget Hegerty, Flipped Reality (2018). Digital images 30.5 x 38 x 1.5 cm.

“What we see and what physically exists can be different. The world of science is almost unbelievable, and at times the only thing supporting theoretical science is an individual’s belief. As scientists explore the universe more and more, the line between science and fiction becomes blurred. Flipped Reality explores the blurred realities between physical and metaphysical, by portraying visually deceiving photographs. The audience is encouraged to keep an open mind and recognise that what is physically present and what is interpreted may not always be the same thing.”