Questacon Visit

On a brisk Monday morning 23rd July we had a visit from the Shell Questacon Science Circus, which is a major outreach program from the National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra. The Science Circus was designed to stimulate and challenge students to explore science and technology for themselves. Each show is tailored to the age, ability and experience of the audience.

Throughout the day the students were exposed to many concepts and phenomena, some of which were:

  • How the wings of planes keep us in the air
  • Why a balloon filled with air and let go, doesn’t fly straight
  • Which hits the ground faster a flat or scrunched up piece of paper and why
  • Witnessed the workings of a water rocket without any students getting too wet
  • Freezing balloons in liquid nitrogen and observing their subsequent expansion

There were three sessions throughout the day with demonstrations aimed at specific year levels. It was a highly interactive presentation with many students being selected from the audience to help the presenters.