QCWA Rural Crisis Drought Appeal

Born from the need to assist women and families during times of crisis, the Public Rural Crisis Fund has been an initiative of the Queensland Country Women’s Association since 1990. This fund not only supports families suffering from drought, flood or fire but is for all families experiencing any type of crisis.

To apply for assistance please CLICK HERE for a Queensland Drought Appeal QCWA PRCF application or alternatively please contact QCWA State Office on 07 3026 1220 for further assistance.

To donate to the Queensland Drought Appeal PRCF CLICK HERE to donate by card or CLICK HERE for PRCF Deposit Details.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Contact QCWA State Office on 07 3026 1220 or email secretary@qcwa.org.au for more information.

For more information visit the QCWA website – http://www.qcwa.org.au/