QCIS Soccer

I just want to say a big thank you to all students and parents for their support of the Indoor Soccer programme this year. In a quick wrap of last Friday’s games, I would like to state that results aren’t everything but participation and mindset are everything. I was incredibly impressed by the Yr 5-8 Teams 1 and 2 and their enthusiasm. Most importantly I was proud of their mindset. They never gave up and never stopped trying to do things better. The Year 5 girls must get a special mention as they were facing much older opponents and showed great composure beyond their years.

Our 5/6 Boys faced some stiff opposition but were valiant in defeat. The 7/8 boys struggled as many were first timers but have shown great improvements across our training and the competition day. The Yr9/10 boys also had many newbies to the game and were bolstered by a few experienced heads that kept them all in the fight. Attitude is everything and confidence of the team and individuals is a major contributing factor to our mixed results.

The Girls 9/10 Team were locked in a real arm wrestle with TACAPS that resulted in a 2-1 win, a nil all draw, and a 1-0 loss across their three encounters. A fitting end to a great contest being a draw. These girls went from reluctant participants in some quarters to enthusiastic go getters by the end of the competition.

Our Senior boys were by far the most successful finishing second to ATC after defeating ATC 2 and Downlands in the preliminarys. A scratchy start in game one was erased with a much better performance in the final.

A big thank you to the staff who graciously gave of their time to travel and support the students across all grades. Thank you to Mr Richards, Mr Fender, Mrs Gibbons, Miss Eder and Mr Connolly for their assistance throughout the training and the competition, without your assistance these activities are not possible. Thank you also to the parents who travelled to support their children this is great to see and we thank you for your commitment and support of our sports programmes.

Some players of note from the coaches perspective were….

Maggie Kendall – great in goal, Ellyse Kruger – real tenacious never say die attitude, Mackenzie Taylor – greater fight than a British bulldog, Millie Groves – fearless in goal, Adam McDonald – led by example, Daniel McNamara – First time in goal and wore some cracker shots from his opponents, Luke Petchell – fantastic defence and great skills for a big guy, Sam McKechnie – in everything but also great game sense, Lucy Jackson-Sharpe – great game sense and skills, Adam and Joel Brennan great skills and tenacity, Connie Sue-Tin and Dylan Truong – huge improvers from our first sessions, these are just some of the highlights I witnessed but all are to be congratulated on their participation and conduct throughout the evening.

Mr Tom Bradbury – Assistant Head of Co-curricular