Term 3 | Week 5

Assembly Address by Tshinta Kendall (Year 12)

Below is a speech delivered at the PGC Centenary Assembly on Tuesday by Girls Boarding Captain, Tshinta Kendall.

Tshinta (left) is pictured above with past student Heather Ballinger (1995-99) who was School Caption in 1999.

Good morning everybody, my name is Tshinta Kendall, I am this year’s Girls Boarding Captain. This is my fifth year at the college. I started here in year 8. I didn’t have many expectations of what boarding school or the ‘city’ was like because I’d never known any different. I come from a community that’s only slightly bigger than the school, and we’re about an 8 to 10-hour drive from Cairns. The reason we are so far away from home is that our mum was a PGC girl and she loved her time here so much that she sent us here. Coming here, I was so nervous, so I was walking through school with my dad thinking ‘Wow! This place is huge!’ and whilst I was off thinking that I heard ‘so we were wondering if you could play basketball for us tonight?’ and I went ‘nah’. The day I started was the day that everyone had come back from camp, so everyone had gotten to know each other and became friends and I just came and I didn’t want to talk to anyone let alone go play basketball. So eventually, dad convinced me and I spent the entire trip up ‘Dad I can’t do this, don’t make me do this’. Long story short, we got up there I got on the court we played I came back on the bus and dad asked me if I wanted to go and stay at the motel with him and I said ‘No I think I want to go stay in boarding tonight’ and the rest is history.

Being so far away from home was a bit of a gamble but I tell you what, it is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Being here has given me opportunities I never thought I’d ever had. That’s one of my favourite things about the school, is that there are people here who genuinely care about you, your education and your other endeavours. I and many others have been able to achieve some extraordinary things in our time as PGC girls and I am confident that we will continue to achieve great things because of what we have learnt and what we continue to learn here.

Being part of this school means so much, being part of boarding is even better but I’m a bit biased. Being a boarder is hard to explain, at first you move into a house with all these random girls, then you have these people who aren’t your parents but they act like your parents and then there are all these rules. Eventually, you become more accustomed to those girls until they are basically your sisters, the people who act like your parents pretty well become bonus parents and the rules are rules and you still need to follow those. Seriously though this place is quite spectacular and if you have ever had the privilege of being able to call this place home then count yourself lucky because it is gorgeous.

I am nothing if not grateful, so I just wanted to quickly say thank you to Mrs Wheaton, Mrs Kriedemann, Mrs Brown, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Baistow, Mrs Cartmill, Mrs Bellingham, Mrs Hobbs, Ms Reading, Mrs O’Grady and our gappies, Kim, Laura, Franzi, Maria, Freya, Fabienne, Abbie and Alina the and of course Mrs Hart, who by the way, still hasn’t taught me how to knit. Thank you, ladies,, in my time as a PGC boarder you have given your time, energy and effort into making sure we were healthy, happy and had our phones in on time.

Looking forward I hope to leave behind a message of love and friendship. To all students of the college, we are lucky to be here we are lucky to have these people around us please take the time to reflect on this and appreciate everything you have. To all the college staff, thank you for educating us, feeding us and cleaning up after us. To all the boarders, being a boarder is special because you are a part of something special always remember that. To all the girl boarders and staff, wow 100 years, I feel like we’ve achieved something and we really have. I would like to say that as we walk back through these doors this afternoon, take a moment to remember and try to fathom the 100 years of girls that walked through those doors, think about moment you drive in the green gates and the roses are in full bloom, everything is bright and green, it never fails to leave each and every person who sees it in complete and utter awe. This beauty is radiated throughout the walls of Glenbrae, WRB, Mackness, Deane Butcher and into every girl that has walked through those doors. 100 years. It is amazing to walk through those doors and think that 100 years of girls walked through there before you. There is 100 years’ worth of tradition, friendship, laughs and love echoing through those halls. Through all the good times and all the bad times, we have always stood together bonded by the love that we share for the place that we call home and the people we call family. Here’s to 100 more years. Thank you


SCOTS PGC Cattle Club takes on the EKKA

Image above: Year 8 student, Thea Diack, showing The Rock.

The final selection to compete at this year’s EKKA for our Cattle Club was made up of six students and seven head of cattle. With record numbers of cattle and students competing this year, it was always going to be difficult, however, our students performed extremely well.

Successes include:

Stuart Woodside- 3rd in the under 13 years beef cattle judging.

Thea Diack- 7th in the under 13 years paraders competition.

Seb Christensen – Made the final of the 14 and 15 years paraders with 160 students in his age group

Rohan Hullock – Made the final in the 16 years + for paraders.

Unfortunately, our cattle didn’t win any ribbons this year in the show ring but as always hung up well as carcasses, with one heifer coming 4th out of 34 with a score of 88 points out of 100. Another steer called The Rock, came 9th out of 55 with a score of 84 points.

Well done to all those students who worked tirelessly and represented the school with pride. Special thank you to Mr Collett, Mrs Goonan and Mrs Gibbons for accompanying the students and for all your efforts.

Briar Densley (Yr 12) and Mia Bischoff (Yr 7)

Ronan Hullock (Yr 12) showing Wonder Woman

Briar Densley (Yr 12) showing Dumbo

Senior Art Students’ Showcase Talents

Bridget Hegerty and Paean Sarkar’s artworks have been selected for the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Arts. Their artworks are on display at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery from 11th of August – 9th of September. The awards celebrate and recognise the highest standard of Year 12 artworks by students within the region.

During the process of making their works, both students explored new materials and media. Paean made her first performance artwork and learnt how to edit film and sound, while Bridget documented the visual effects of scientific experiments through video and photography.

It would be fantastic to see the College community rally around our budding artists by visiting the gallery and seeing their artwork on display.

If Bridget or Paean are successful in their entries, their artworks will be shortlisted and selected to be a part of the Creative Generation travelling exhibition touring galleries throughout Queensland and eventually finishing in Brisbane at South Bank at the Gallery of Modern Art.

Both Bridget and Paean are congratulated on their achievements in being selected for the regional exhibition. An outstanding effort by both students. – Mrs Carmen O’Grady – Art Teacher

Paean Sarkar, Defining Space – Movement (2018). Performance art video duration 2 minutes 40 seconds.

“My work ‘Defining Space – Movement’ is a simplified representation of an abstract concept of space. Movement of my body and free-flowing rope activates the boundless three-dimensional extent that is space. The relative position and direction of my body and matter attempt to define the intangible. This artwork is very much influenced by Justine William’s style of performance. I have stripped the piece of any emotional or metaphorical meaning through grey-scale and life-less background noise.”

Bridget Hegerty, Flipped Reality (2018). Digital images 30.5 x 38 x 1.5 cm.

“What we see and what physically exists can be different. The world of science is almost unbelievable, and at times the only thing supporting theoretical science is an individual’s belief. As scientists explore the universe more and more, the line between science and fiction becomes blurred. Flipped Reality explores the blurred realities between physical and metaphysical, by portraying visually deceiving photographs. The audience is encouraged to keep an open mind and recognise that what is physically present and what is interpreted may not always be the same thing.”


Little SCOTS

Little SCOTS commenced last week in the WALEC with an enthusiastic group of children and mums. Last week we went on a bear hunt with the help of some binoculars that we made. We also investigated the letter b and joined in the reading of ‘No Bears’. This week we read, ‘I Went Walking’, by Sue Williams, with activities that involved sequencing and colour recognition. All activities are designed to develop little ones’ pre-literacy skills in a fun and interactive environment.

These sessions are free and open to anyone not yet at school. They are held every Tuesday and Friday Morning from 9.30 – 10.30, in the WALEC.

Ag Inspirations Tour 2018

In Week 3 of this term, six of our Year 10 students had the opportunity to be part of a three day Ag Inspirations tour.  The tour, arranged by Ag Force, the Department of Education and Training and Growcom, provided high school students with the opportunity to experience first-hand a variety of occupations within the Agricultural Industry.

Along with students from two other local schools, we toured various Agricultural enterprises in and around Warwick that included: Carr Farming, DAF Hermitage, Riverina Stockfeeds, Raheen Stud, Bourke’s Dairy, John Dee & Wickham Farms. At each location, we were given a tour of the operation and an insight into the many occupations that make up the Agricultural Industry.

Careers – Year 10 SET Plan

Year 10 students have been working in class every fortnight this year with their teachers, Mr Keevers, Mr Sullivan and Mrs Bellingham, in readiness for their decision regarding their future Year 11 pathway.

The College offers an academic or a vocational pathway through the senior years. This term, the students, their parents and teachers have reached the point where the students have selected their Year 11 subjects.

With the commencement of the new ATAR system, the Year 10 students will commence their Year 11 studies in the last four weeks of Term Four.

Whilst the formal work of the SET (Student Education and Training) Plan has been completed, in the remaining sessions, the students will work with their teachers on resumes, cover letters, interviews and employability skills.

It is obviously very important that a parent has a discussion with their child regarding their choice of subjects in Year 11. The College’s career website (www.scotspgccareers.com) has some useful information for parents. Of particular relevance is the article ‘Helping your Teenager with Career Planning’

Co-curricular News

T3W6 Sport Fixtures

T3W6 Co-curricular Programme


Over the past weekend, SCOTS PGC hosted the Matthew Flinders Anglican College from the Sunshine Coast. Matthew Flinders brought 3 teams U13, U15 and Open age groups. The boys were accommodated in the boarding houses and this enabled many friendships to form over the weekend. The games on Sunday were played in great spirit but were tough and uncompromising.

Matthew Flinders U13 team showed great cohesion stemming from a full season of rugby and ran out comfortable winners. Hamish Swift was the best player for SCOTS PGC.

SCOTS PGC U15 team continued to show its class with a 24 -17 win. Toby Rozynski was the best on the ground for SCOTS PGC.

The Open game was a close affair with the lead changing several times. The final score Matthew Flinders 34 SCOTS PGC 32. Best player for SCOTS were Tom Winter, Mitch Mack and Charlie Brennand. SCOTS PGC looks forward to a return round of matches with Matthew Flinders in 2019.


Our Junior Netball girls have almost come to the end of their season. It has been great to see the girls’ enthusiasm for netball continue to grow over the last seven months.

There are many things to celebrate. SCOTS PGC Under 13 Junior Netball teams (A and C division) have made the semi-finals and will both play this Saturday. Congratulations girls! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. You are all to be commended for your superb performance, dedication and contribution to the team.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our parents and supporters. Your role greatly contributed in helping your daughter to improve and succeed on the netball court!

U13 Players: Andi Cooke, Mackenzie March, Macey Edgar, Lucy Bourke, Amelia Cook, Annabel Cory, Makybe Edwards, Charlotte Ellis, Tayah Prince, Rosie-May Proudlove, Alexandra Rickert, Mohini Sarkar, Tia Saunders, Maddison Taylor, Sophie Tweddell, Bridget Hardy, Jekeira Major and Bryoni Marshall.



At the Southern Downs Carnival, Hayley Wainwright emerged as a potential future star with her age championship for the 9 years girls and her big brother Samuel claimed the 12 years age champion.

We are also pleased to announce that the following students have gained selection to attend the Darling Downs Championships on August 28th 2018:

Alyxis McDonald – Shot Put

Alerah Ross – 200m, 800m

Briana Groves – High Jump

Hayley Wainwright – High Jump, Long Jump, 80m, 200m, 800m

Harry Mayall – 100m

Samuel Wainwright – 100m, Long Jump, 200m, Multi (100,LJ, SP, 800)

Tanner Henley – Shot Put, Discus

Riley Wainwright – Multi (100,LJ, SP, 800)

Ellyse Kruger – Multi (100,LJ, SP, 800)

Under the guidance of Mr Tom Bradbury, the College’s Athletics programme has really excelled this season. There are exciting times ahead for this co-curricular activity.

Strength and Conditioning

Numbers are continuing to rise at the early morning Strength and Conditioning sessions. Gym Supervisor, Cahal Davis, is pleased to report that the girls’ only session on Friday is being well supported with 12 girls participating last Friday.


Book Week

This coming week 20th – 24th of August is Book Week . The theme this year is “Find Your Treasure,” and we have been busy in the libraries with activities to celebrate. The WALEC reading pit has been transformed into a tropical island and pirate ship, while in the LRC all month we have had the teachers’ favourite books on display with students attempting to guess which teacher matches which book. The correct answers will be revealed at the end of this week. Parents are more than welcome to come and view both displays and maybe discuss their favourite books with their children.
The Book Fair will be open everyday next week, before and after school, with credit card facilities only, NO CASH. We receive funds from the sale of books to purchase new books for our libraries.
Book Week Dress Up Parade – Friday 24th August  9.30 am  (following Assembly outside the WALEC)
This year we are, along with all other schools in Warwick, encouraging students to dress to the theme of “Find Your Treasure.”
Suggestions for costumes could be: Pirates, kings, queens, pharaoh, fairies or other fairytale characters that fit with this theme. Keeping in mind that treasure does not necessarily have to have a monetary value. It would be great if the students could bring the book that matches the character. This is a day to celebrate a love of literature!

JAM Notices

Friendly Reminder Junior School Pick Up Procedure
Junior school students are to be collected from the classroom at 3.10 pm. If they are not collected from the classroom, the Junior school teachers will take them to the Prep playground area where they will sit on the benches waiting to be collected.
Monday 20 August
17:00 Year 7 Dinner Meeting No 4, Bandy Theatre
Tuesday 21 August
08:00 JAM Choir
12:30-1:15 Garden Club
Wednesday 22 August
10:45-11:35 Junior and Middle Schools Chapel
15:15 JAM Dance
15:30-16:45 Musical Rehearsal
Thursday 23 August
07:45 – 08:30 Sustainability Group
10:45-11:30 Bush Kids Fun Friends Programme – Year 2
11:30-12:15 Bush Kids Friends for Life Programme – Year 4
12:45-13:15 Garden Club
15:15-16:15 Arranmore Soccer
Friday 24 August
08:50 – 09:30 Junior School Assembly, Year 4 presenting
09:30 – 10:25 Junior School Bookweek Parade ‘Find your Treasure’ (Prep – Year 6)
Upcoming Events
Tuesday 28 August – Prep to Year 2 Excursion, Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
Friday 7 September – Grandparents Day
Sunday 7 to Saturday 13 October – Year 6 Canberra Tour
Wednesday 19 September Open Day

Rural Minds Lunch – Wednesday 29th August

Kung-fu fighters expose hidden sugar to Australian students

A Singaporean TV advertisement depicting Kung-fu fighters uncovering the not-so-sweet side of sugary drinks has been voted the most effective anti-sugary drink campaign in this year’s Rethink Sugary Drink Critics’ Choice programme.

Almost 600 primary and secondary school students took part in this year’s Critics’ Choice initiative, in which they voted for the most effective sugary drink health campaign and learnt about the health effects of sugary drinks.

The College’s Year 9 HPE students (taught by Mr Fender) participated in the programme last term as part of their unit on ‘Sustainable Health’ and were one of three lucky schools to win a $500 sporting equipment voucher for their involvement in the study.

For more information on this campaign please visit the website – http://www.rethinksugarydrink.org.au/

Message from our Chaplain

Hindsight is a brilliant teacher (although, sometimes a bit late). From infancy to adolescence, parenting is intense and consuming. Whether coping with teenage drama or sleepless nights or driving our kids all around town, we are often exhausted by the time our heads hit the pillow. Guess what? The next day, we do it all again. Why? Because we love our kids and want to give them “the best.”

Ok! Question? How do we define “the best”? Our culture tells us that we need to provide our kids with a good neighbourhood, enriching extracurricular activities, and every possible opportunity. That means it dictates what schools we should send them to, how we should discipline them, and how to ensure that they grow up to be successful. Yet the pressure to provide the “best” often leaves us so exhausted that our children end up getting the worst versions of ourselves – short-fused and grumpy. We feel trapped by the load of parenting, mostly unable to break free.

In Jesus’ day, a yoke was fitted around the neck of an ox as it worked the field. I believe many parents today can identify with that image. They are walking around dragging heavy weights attempting to plough the ground in hope of growing their children the right way. Parenting will always have its challenges, many of the burdens that we carry are unnecessary. Jesus says that if we’re tired, we should trade in our burdens for His. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Matthew 11: 28 – 30. When it comes to parenting that is a relief. We don’t have to carry the burden alone. We just need to take the time to learn from Jesus. When we let Him define “the best,” we learn that many of the things that we are striving for, are not as important as we once thought.

Blessings, Rev Willie (a parent like you)

Warwick Cowboys Rugby League Bull Ride


Uniting Church Celebrate SCOTS PGC

The Uniting Church in Warwick is celebrating the College!  We have so much to celebrate, and we invite the whole College community to join us as we showcase this excellent College of ours.

Where: Uniting Church, 37 Guy Street Warwick QLD 4370

When: Sunday 19th August 2018

Time: 10.00am

All the students (boarders and day students), staff and parents are all welcome.  Please come and join us for morning tea with the Uniting Church Parish and be part of our community.