Term 4 | Week 1

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Main Image: Willie Liebenberg, Samuel Proudlove, Bridie Shooter, Grace McCarthy and David Proudlove

Mr David Proudlove
Head of Senior School

During the last week of Term 3, a small but intrepid group of SCOTS PGC students, staff and our resident expert and parent, Kerry McCarthy, ventured to Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands to spend time in Baesango village.

The trip was a fantastic opportunity for our students and the local children to immerse in a cultural exchange through the sharing of daily tasks and by participating in school, social, sporting and musical activities.

The experience was made possible thanks to the incredible bond Kerry and her husband Simon have developed with the people of Baesango, through their involvement with the Australian Government’s Seasonal Workers program.

Together, with the community of Clifton where their farm is situated, they have welcomed more than a dozen hard-working men and women from the Pacific Islands in recent years for seasonal work.

They’ve also made the journey across to the village – a journey in itself – with two flights, a two hour bus ride over rough terrain and an hour or so boat trip (or depending on water levels a very long walk), required to reach the remote location.

Seeing the value their own children gained from this trip, Kerry and Simon suggested the experience may be of wider benefit to other students at the school.

Since that time, we’ve run a number of small fundraisers to support the village’s local school – known as ‘One One Primary School’ – donating uniforms and other items. The school supports children from across the province from as young as four through to 14. Many travel significant distances to attend and for some, the school is their only access to education.

When first arriving at the school, our party of six was welcomed in grand style with garlands of orchids and palm leaves and necklaces made from seashells, a traditional form of currency in the Malaita Province. The genuine warmth of this welcome, coupled with the sheer joy of meeting new people who had travelled so far to spend time with them, made us all quite emotional.

These types of experiences are truly transformational and our intention is to have more students, parents and members from the SCOTS PGC community involved next year as we continue to strengthen our relationship with the village.

One One’s School Captain, Samson, prepared a beautiful speech for us (shared below) and delivered it flawlessly in front of the entire school community, around 250 children, all squashed into a classroom with no floorboards or windows. Reading his words only reinforces our desire to build a strong friendship with these lovely people.


From Samson –

On behalf of One One Primary School, I am privileged with much honour to present my short speech.

This school occasion is very special and unique. One of its kind to be experienced by the school.

Due to the remoteness of our small and humble school, we do not familiarise ourselves in having friends and partnerships with people from other parts of the world.

Hence this morning we are very fortunate to have you friends from SCOTS PGC College with us on this occasion.

Our visiting friends, you present us in our school with the first ever moment in history to receive a helping hand from friends from another country in one way or the other.

Because of the remoteness of our poor school we lack in access to things to help us go forward.

This morning I am very honoured and pleased to share our difficulties in learning with you.

Firstly, with regards to resources, we often find them to be few in number.

Secondly, our classrooms and furniture may be found to be unsuitable for activities.

Lastly, most years we always have fewer teachers in school than we should, also they are untrained, due to the location of the school.

Finally, we find it difficult to cope with the new technology as there is no access to useful resources such as computers and laptops.

Once again, thank you one and all.

Samson, Year 6      

Boarding Newsletter

A new term and a ‘flurry’ of holiday stories

Michelle Brown – Director of Boarding

It’s been wonderful to see our boarders swapping holiday stories with great enthusiasm this week. So much so, we’ve asked a handful of our girls to share their stories with us in this edition of the newsletter. No doubt, we’re yet to hear about everyone’s activities and achievements – so watch this space!

As always, it was fantastic to see many of you on travel day. A great discussion was also had at our Boarding Parent Meeting about the value and importance of having clear principles that help our students to become self-disciplined, respected and strong contributors within the school and our wider community. Thank you to those who were able to attend and for your input.

Term 4 may be busy and it may be short, yet we’ve endeavoured to plan a wide variety of activities for boarders. While study, exams and assessment naturally come first, ensuring our boys and girls have the opportunity to relax and recharge is equally important. From pizza nights, pool parties, rodeos and theme parks – the calendar is looking suitably full! To see the full schedule, please visit SEQTA.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Holiday sporting shares from girls boarding

Australian National PolocrosseLauren Morton

I was selected to play for the Queensland Mixed Junior team at the Australian National Polocrosse Championships held in Perth from 1 to 7 October. We were awarded runners-up in our competition, losing to New South Wales in the final with the end score being 22-17. Although we didn’t secure the win it was a huge honour to be selected to play for Queensland and to participate in the final. It was a week full of bonding with friends and teammates, making new friends and constant learning. Nationals was an incredible experience and a goal I have been working towards ever since I began playing when I was 8 years old. I am so grateful for my parents’ support and that I was given the opportunity to chase my dreams, even if it was to the other side of Australia.

Campdrafting Stockman’s Challenge – Hannah Gordon

During the holidays I travelled to Maryborough Equestrian Park and competed in the PCA Campdrafting Stockman’s Challenge, the Formal Gymkhana and Sporting Gymkhana. I placed sixth in cattle work in the Campdraft Challenge, third in pattern work and second overall. For the Formal Gymkhana I secured one second place, two fourth places, a sixth and tenth place and seventh overall. For the Sporting Gymkhana I received a third place and finished thirteenth overall. It was a busy holiday with little time to relax but I saw lots of friends and the experience was worth it.

Queensland Girls’ State Rugby Championships – Shona McFarland

Molly, Tish and I attended the Queensland Girls’ State Rugby Championships on the Gold Coast during the second week of holidays. Tish was awesome and her team came second in the Under 17s. Molly and I played a solid game in the Under 15s who placed third. The competition was steep, but the Darling Downs held their own among other teams from across Queensland.

Glennie Swimming Meet – Michaela Hardy

Shona and I participated in the Glennie Swimming Meet. I came second in 100m breaststroke (personal best), third in 50m breaststroke, and was only 0.20 seconds away from placing third in 50m butterfly.

Shona also performed well, placing third and second in her events and achieving two personal bests. We went home with quite a few medals between us and hopefully doing SCOTS PGC proud.


A new term, a timely reminder

Hawkins House – Senior Boys Boarding

Fraser Bolton
Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

It’s wonderful to see your boys back at the College and excited about the next eight (or so) weeks. All have been busy sharing their various stories. Ben Whibley was pretty excited about the barramundi fishing up north, and Cameron McNair had a fishing story of his own … although the monumental shearing effort he undertook before setting out for a fish seemed to be the real story.

For many, the break was about lending a hand at home on the farm or working to raise some funds for life after school. On the other hand, we had two boys heavily involved in sport during the holidays. Anthony Hodges competed at the Koori Knockout and Trae Cochrane in the WAC Knockout (alongside Junior Boy Boarder Tyran Petrie) representing north and central New South Wales. Anthony’s team performed particularly well yet were eventually knocked out by a Parramatta Eels development team.

The stories boys share after their holidays always reminds me of what a wonderful, hard-working, dedicated group of kids we have with us at the College. I feel extremely blessed to be able to share in their lives.


A warm welcome and smooth transition back into boarding life

Cunningham House – Junior Boys Boarding

Stewart Bailey
Head of Junior Boys Boarding

Image: This term we welcome Year 7 Junior Boy Boarder, Beau Lyttle, to Cunningham House

On behalf of the team, a warm welcome back to all our junior boarders and in particular Beau Lyttle who joins our boarding family this term from McKinlay in outback Queensland.

While hard to believe we’re already in our final term for 2018, this week has seen our junior boarders smoothly transition back into boarding life.

Term 4 is always packed with academic endeavours, sporting commitments and various boarder activities. Yet before I know it, I’ll be wishing our Year 9 boarders all the best as they continue their journey in Hawkins House, and saying goodbye to those boys who commenced in junior boarding and are now looking to prepare for life beyond the school gates. Already, I have heard the elated cry of, “Mr Bailey, only seven more weeks left of school – ever!” The excitement of a long-awaited graduation seems so close now.

As a Housemaster I’ve had the pleasure of caring for your sons over many years as they start their journey as a junior boy boarder and finish their time as a young man in senior boarding.

It’s fantastic to witness the joy these young men find in discussing their aspirations for the future and equally to see our junior boarders going about their daily routine with a general sense of excitement and energy.

I look forward to a fantastic term and please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss anything in relation to your son or the College.


Student Achievers

Mr Peter Wilson – Director of Co-Curricular Activities

The holiday period provided opportunities for our students to showcase their skills in a range of co-curricular sporting arenas.  Congratulations to the students who competed at various events during this time.  The following updates were provided by some parent helpers who tirelessly support their children, whilst keeping us up to date with what is happening from a co-curricular standpoint.

Bradley Cook – Bradley recently attended the National Schools Futsal Championships as a member of the South Coast (QLD/NSW) team who placed fourth overall. The carnival was a great experience and an opportunity for Bradley to hone his skills for the 2019 season.

Interschool Equestrian National Championships

Main Image: Sophie Brennan, Georgia Rohde, Maddie Mathies, Bridget Hegerty and Holly Wickham.

During the holidays five students travelled to Werribee in Victoria for the Interschool Equestrian National Championships.

Many memories were made and the ‘mighty maroons’ spirit was on show, as the SCOTS PGC girls rallied together to show their support as each of them competed.

The 3000km trip was an adventure in itself, with families travelling in convoy, stopping every three hours to unload the horses and trade both passengers and pets!

Congratulations to Holly, Bridget, Georgia, Maddie and Sophie for your wonderful achievements, fantastic attitude and infectious spirit!

Holly Wickham guided her horse, Kinnordy Gyron (Gee), through two challenging tasks in the Small Tour Dressage class. Designed to test the horse’s gymnastic ability this is the highest class of dressage in the competition. Holly placed second in one test, third in the other and third overall on a count-back. Holly also placed fifth in the Advanced Freestyle Dressage, in which the rider choreographs the horse’s movements to music.

Bridget Hegerty (Vice Captain Queensland Dressage team) competed in the Elementary Dressage, placing second in Freestyle with a James Bond routine (in which the harmony between horse and rider was evident) and ninth overall.

Bridget and horse Fairbanks Ipod, aka Pod, were also selected to compete in the Show Hunter class, placing 13th overall, with a commendable sixth place in the Rider class, which is judged solely on the rider’s ability.

Georgia Rohde placed seventh in the Combined Training 105cm class. Riders are required to compete in a dressage test, in which they are given a placing, followed by a showjump round. A single rail knocked down in the jumping phase can drop a rider back several placings. Bourne Identity, aka George, performed well in his dressage test and backed this up with a clear showjumping round.

Maddie Mathies placed 13th in the 80cm Eventing class which includes a dressage test, a showjump round and a cross country course with jumping obstacles such as water, logs and solid timber fences. Not for the faint-hearted, this event is suited only to the most versatile and brave horse and rider. Maddie has been solely responsible for training her horse, Pop’s Cadillac, after her grandfather bought him out of a ‘dogger’ pen for $300 a few years ago. Many horses on the field that day would have been brought professionally trained for tens of thousands of dollars. Maddie and Cadillac completed the showjumping and cross country free of any knocked rails or time penalties.

Sophie Brennan, the youngest SCOTS PGC student to represent Queensland at the National Championships this year, qualified in two disciplines, on two ponies. She competed on Brad (Antrim Royale) in the Novice Dressage and Skippy (Forever Gold) in the Combined Training 60cm class. Sophie’s forte is dressage and this was evident in her performances.

Important Bus Information

Bus Subsidy – Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

The Non-State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme Semester Two application for student travel rebates is now open on-line with applications closing 31 October 2018. The Bus Fare Assistance Programme is accessible by families with children attending schools outside the Brisbane City Council boundary only. The weekly family threshold for Semester 2 2018 is $20 ($15 for concession holders).

Please click on the link below to check eligibility and complete the application process. https://www.schooltransport.com.au/

Students with Disability programme is open to families of children funded at the school under the Students with Disability programme. On-line applications can be accessed https://www.schooltransport.com.au/check-your-eligibility/swd/

No Buses to run on Monday 22nd October

A reminder for families that no buses will be running on Monday 22nd October. This is considered a national vertification day , however the College will still operate as a normal school day.

General Notices

Co-curricular Sports Fixtures and Programme

T4W2 Sport Fixtures

T4W2 Co-curricular Programme

Uniform Shop Closure

The Uniform Shop will close from Thursday 18 October and re-open on Friday 2 November.

College Photographs – Monday 29 October

Our next photograph day will be held on Monday 29 October. This includes family photos and the remaining co-curricular team photos. A full schedule of photographs will be provided in the coming week.

Sibling photographs must be ordered in advance via the link below, which closes at midnight on Sunday 28 October. Please note, a photograph will not be taken without an order, and sibling photographs only apply to children enrolled at the school.

To order online visit – https://www.advancedimage.com.au/keycode/keycodefinder.aspx?keycode=MYE565VF9

Online Order Code – MYE 565 VF9

Important Information          

  • Late fees/additional charges will apply for purchases made after photo day
  • Photos will be returned to the school for distribution approximately six weeks after photos are taken

Parents and Friends Meeting

The next P&F meeting will take place on Monday 15 October in the Archive Centre at 7.00pm. For more information or updates on the meeting, please request to follow the SCOTS PGC College P&F facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/643131069080241/

From our Chaplain

Reverend Willie Liebenberg

While not necessarily an avid freshwater angler, I’ve always held a love for deep sea fishing – although there’s been little of that since moving to Warwick. Nevertheless, fishing certainty provides the chance to unwind, switch-off and on a good day, a fish or two.

I recently read a funny story on fishing with an intriguing illustration that brought into view the importance of expectations. A theme that feels fitting as we enter Term 4 and look toward the end of the year. Two Eskimos were fishing on the ice, one with regular line using a small hole, the other with the same line using a hole shaped like a giant fish. This Eskimo was serious! He was fishing for something big! For me it speaks to how appetite creates expectation.

Here at SCOTS PGC we expect great things from our boys and girls, and in doing so, encourage and support them to achieve great things. Yet beyond individual achievement alone, taking the time to ask, “What is our appetite for making a difference to the world around us?” is of equal value. How much do we hunger to change peoples’ lives through the gospel? Matthew 5: 6 (MSG) said, “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.”

So, as we look to Term 4, let’s reflect on this question. Let’s ask ourselves regularly, “What is our appetite for impacting the world around us? How do we hunger to change our students’ lives?” so we can set high expectations and be meet with a corresponding catch.