Term 3 | Week 10

Farewell from Simon Shepherd

Our final week of term has come about very quickly and in a few days kids will be at home, both near and far, for the holidays.  I hope that you have a fantastic break together and when Term 4 starts it will be with Mr Proudlove as Acting Principal and Mr Thompson a few short weeks away from arriving.  Term 4 will go very quickly.  It is a short, action packed term and the culmination of the year.

As we prepare to leave I remember an adage that my Dad drilled into my psyche as a young boy when camping with him.  It was always “leave the area tidier than you found it”.  As I reflect on nearly three and half years at SCOTS PGC I hope this adage can be applied to our stay here.

We as a College and community have gone through significant change over the last three years including the introduction of a learning management system, development of pastoral profiling of students, internalising catering to improve food quality, introduction of outdoor education from Years 3-12, formation of QCIS, improving our academic results, improvement of teaching and learning through pedagogy coaching and the introduction of a cross school uniform for all students, to name a few.  Of course most recently we have improved the affordability of the College to make sure that it is accessible to those who want to attend.  All of these changes, along with a myriad of others, were introduced to ensure that the children who are at the centre of our College have the best opportunity the College can provide them.

SCOTS PGC is a unique College.  We have been able to achieve so much in the last few years because of this.  The agility of the College is second to none; our staff are professional and dedicated and we are responsive.  It has been a great pleasure to serve this community and get to know so many of the students and their families.  The decision to leave SCOTS PGC to take up the Principalship of Westminster was not an easy one as SCOTS PGC is such a unique and special place, however, as an educator who consistently pushes our children to grasp opportunities, challenge themselves and aim higher, and a leader who leads by example, I would be a poor example not to grasp the opportunity that Westminster provides.

I hope that the rest of the year goes well for the College, particularly the Year 12s, and I look forward to reading and hearing about the ongoing success of SCOTS PGC.

Director of Boarding

Many of our boarders spend much time on activities outside the academic expectations of the College.  Such activities range from a myriad of sporting teams through to Equestrian pursuits, to cultural pursuits such as band and choir and then to individual or small team events such as debating and gym. Students must be organised and committed to these activities and they are learning life long skills around experiencing how to win and lose gracefully, how to attend practice when other commitments are crowding in, how to encourage and accept others’ shortfallings, how to accept that someone is better than them – the list is endless.

Over the last few days, I travelled with the Pipe Band and Choir on a tour as far as Ballina and surrounds.  During the two days we did seven concerts which meant unpacking and packing the bus for instruments, wearing the College uniform with pride and putting on a ‘show’ face after sleeping on a classroom floor and getting on and off a bus many, many times. These students have also just come out of exams and are at the end of a long term and they were amazing – well mannered, committed to the performances and accepting of everyone else.  We had a beautiful walk along the beach and saw the sun rise on Wednesday morning and I reflected on how fortunate I am to have the privilege of working with SCOTS PGC students. Even when the wheels come off, our students are usually reflective and accepting of decisions and they learn from their mistakes and move on.

The Yr 9 debating team had a celebratory breakfast this morning as they won the final in Toowoomba a few weeks ago.  The team had two boarders in it, Pip and Josh and their commitment to this pursuit showed both their strength of character and skill level.  We have many boarders who quietly achieve and who are modest about their results.  In the boarding houses, we see such students coming and going and, in the main, they need few reminders and just organise themselves and their other commitments.

Sporting seasons come and go but the recent netball competition, with many boarders participating, involved games and training across three terms.  This meant that every Saturday morning, as well as afternoons, has been spent either playing or developing skills.  This has required a huge commitment from the girls involved.  While this is a particularly long season, boarders have been involved in a whole range of sport, as well as athletics this term.

We do have a group of senior boys who have been going down to the town gym for afternoon training sessions.  Unfortunately, as a College we are withdrawing this option for these students.  There are a number of good reasons for this and the first is that we have a very good gym at the College itself.  Our facility has all the equipment necessary for these boys to achieve their personal goals and there is no cost to you as parents for this.  We have trained staff to supervise, offer advice and set up training schedules for these students.  As a College, we have a duty of care to all our students and, as the adults, we must ensure that they are not putting themselves in any danger.  We have had some injuries from the town gym and it is important that boys who can become overenthusiastic and unaware of their limitations are strictly monitored.  In gyms all over Australia there is a culture of using substances to enhance the performance and we feel that our young and impressionable students should not be exposed to this. I will be talking to the students involved next term and I am sure we can come to an understanding around this.

Finally, please have a wonderful holiday with your children and families. This has been a long term full of challenges and successes.  It is important to talk to your child and set achievable goals for next term. With us all working together I am sure these goals can be achieved before the end of 2017.

Michelle Brown – Director of Boarding & Head of Girls Boarding


Senior Boys Boarding

Image: Phil Stiles pictured with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of USQ at his graduation last Friday.

Good afternoon Parents and Carers,

It would appear that time actually does fly when you are having fun. Also when you are busy monitoring 30-odd boys’ busy lives, with rugby weekends, boarding activities, late dinners, leave requests, vehicle permissions, flu outbreaks, movie nights, shows and rodeos, plus the usual comings and goings, etc etc… And here we are: three down one to go. It has been somewhat of a tumultuous term, particularly with the interruptions and illnesses, however the boys have taken it all in their stride and have coped well with everything that has been thrown at them.

Whilst writing my end of term boarder reports I have emphasised for many boys the importance of staying focussed right to the end, but it got me thinking, when is the end? The end of term four – just seven short weeks for Year 12 – will be a milestone for the senior boys but nowhere near the end; next year many boys will go from one learning institution into another, whether it be Uni or TAFE, and the process continues. At the College we espouse the principle of ‘life-long learning’ and for most, if not all students in the modern world, this will be a necessity, rather than a choice.

The message here for the boys is one of encouragement. I attended my graduation ceremony just last week after seven long and somewhat arduous years of study and I am now considering further study next year. If I can do it, they can too and I urge all the boys to heed this message.

I hope you all have an enjoyable and relaxing couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you next term.

Kind regards, Phil.

Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents and Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are settling into the last week of term 3 – 2017.  This year feels as though it has flown by at such a hectic pace.  However, this term in Boys’ Boarding has seen Cunningham House quieter than usual with a few disruptions during the term; such as closing the house for a week due to a “Flu Like” sickness and as this past 2 weeks has shown, boys leaving early due to another bout of sickness.

For the last time ever, the Year 9 boys will settle into their final term in Cunningham House and for some of them that has been four years of Mr Bailey.  Already, I have heard the elated cry of “Mr Bailey, only 7 more weeks left of JBB – ever!”  The excitement of the long awaited transition into SBB “Hawkins House” seems so close now.  It’s fantastic to witness the joy, hopes, dreams and aspirations of these fine young men over the last two, three and four years.  I have personally seen most of these gentlemen grow from young boys and it’s with a twinge of sadness that I will see them depart even though it will only be to across the road.  Not only have I had the privilege of caring for them over the years, but in some cases, I have known the family for years beforehand as older siblings have gone through before them.

However, until that time comes after the 8 weeks of term 4, I would encourage the boys to enjoy their last term and leave a positive mark in Junior Boys’ Boarding.  It will be the last opportunity to spend time with all of your mates in a large dorm environment at the one time. The after “Lights Out” chats with your best mate in the bed across from you or the other mate one or two beds over. This, of course is without being “busted” by the staff on duty for talking after lights out. Enjoy these last 8 weeks together with your junior boarding brothers and the staff that have been there for you with open arms, a kind word, a piece of advice or a warm cup of tea and of course ………… the endless supply of biscuits from Ms Stewart . It’s an enjoyable time that will be gone far too quickly.  We are all only blessed with the present moment; make sure to enjoy it.

As for my very excitable Junior Boy Boarders this last term is packed with academic endeavours, sporting commitments and various boarder activities. Before you know it I’ll be saying goodbye to all of my boys for another Christmas holiday break and wishing my Year 9s all the best as they continue their boarding journey next year in Hawkins House.

On behalf of my valuable team in Cunningham House I look forward to welcoming back safe and sound all of the junior boarders in two weeks ready for term 4. I wish them all the best for the upcoming holiday break and look forward to hearing all the funny and not so funny stories on their return.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss anything in relation to your son or the College.

Kind regards, Stewart Bailey

Weekend Boarder Activity Calendar – Term 4

Activities are covered by the Boarder Activity Levy (BAL) unless stipulated as Voluntary User Pays (V UP)

 C – Compulsory    V – Voluntary   BB – Boys’ Boarding    GB – Girls’ Boarding   B/D – Boarders/Day Students invited

WeekImportant DatesBoarder ActivityInformation
1Travel Day - Tues 3 Oct
Academic School commences - Wed 4 Oct
Saturday 7 Oct: Pizza Oven Dinner @ Boys’ Boarding (C)
Sunday 8 Oct: Amazing Race Afternoon (C) >
SCOTS Chapel and Informal Dinner (C)

Saturday: Girls Boarding closed from 5:30 – 8pm
Sunday: All boarding closed from 1:30 – 7.00pm .
Movie Leave: Most Friday Nights Year 10 – 12

2Cardinal Ball - Sat 14 October
Saturday 14 Oct: Cardinal Ball Garden Party, Locke St Campus
Sunday 15 Oct: Morning Hike @ Browns Falls (C Yr 9 & below)
Saturday: Families and friends of Year 12s welcome!
3Past Students' Weekend (boarding houses tours)
Saturday 21 Oct: Past Students’ Afternoon Tea at Locke St (Hosted by Girl Boarders)
Past Students’ Dinner at Des Davey Dining Hall - Year 12 (C)
Sunday 22 Oct: Yalari Boarders’ Activity
4Warwick Rodeo - 23 – 29 Oct
Rugby 7’s Carnival - Sat 28 Oct
Friday 27 Oct: Warwick Rodeo (V BAL)
Saturday 28: Rugby 7’s Carnival
Sunday 29 : Town Church > WIRAC BBQ Lunch & Swim (C)
Sunday: Boarding closed from 9:30am – 2pm
5Sunday: Boarding House closed 4:30 – 7:15pm
Saturday 4 Nov: Ipswich Girls’ Grammar Christmas Party (V UP)
Sunday 5 November: Free Day
Saturday: Depending on numbers
Depart 3:30pm – Return 10:30pm
6Friday 10 Nov – RSPCA – Movie Night Fundraiser (TBC)
Saturday 11 Nov: BB: Nachos Night (C)
GB: Cooking Afternoon (V)
Sunday 12 Nov: GB: Morning Tea for our Year 12 Girls (C)
Final Farewell Chapel and Formal dinner (C)
7Thursday 16 Nov: Mystery Tour/ In house Boarding Celebrations (C)
Friday 17 Nov: Speech Day (C) Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
Saturday: Free Day
Sunday 19 Nov: Wet’n’Wild (C)
Friday/Saturday: Year 12s Vacate Boarding
8Tuesday 21 Nov: Christmas Dinner (at separate campuses)
Friday 24 Nov: Final Day of school

Co-curricular News

Swimming Squad Training

In Term Four our swimming squad will again train with Mr Andrew Fidge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (6:00am- 7:30am). Students born in 2008 and older who are capable squad swimmers are welcome to participate in the squad training programme at a cost covered by the College.

As this is a significant investment by the school, it is important that all students maintain a positive attitude towards this squad throughout the term. Student commitment is essential and it is important that students attend all training sessions. If your child is unable to attend training on a particular morning the supervising teacher (Mr Nigel Sullivan) must be informed prior to the training session. If your child is unable to fully commit to the squad they will, unfortunately, be unable to join the College swimming squad. This will be discussed with all students prior to the commencement of the programme.

Students who are boarders will be transported to and from the pool by a supervising teacher. Non-boarding students are welcome to travel back to school on the transport provided after the completion of each session. Breakfast is available for all boarders once they have returned back to school. Non-boarders are able to have breakfast at school at a cost of $5 per student per session.  Please note that this will be billed to your account as a total figure for the term. ($100= 20 sessions at $5).

If your child would like to join the SCOTS PGC College Swimming Squad please complete the online form.

Senior Student Sign On (Year 7- Year 12)

Click here

Primary Student Sign On (Born 2008 – Year 6)

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Primary Co-curricular Sign On

Parents are asked to complete the Term Four Primary Co-curricular Sign on before the commencement of Term Four. Please note that activities that continue throughout the year (eg. JAM Choir and Pipes and Drums) have not been included on this survey.

Please click here to complete the survey.



Year 5 Cultural Food and Activity Celebration

This week the Year 5 students finished their cultural understanding unit on a high. For their assessment, students selected a culture present within our school community to research and share food and activities. Countries represented were, America, Africa, Indonesia, China, Scotland, Japan among many others. It was a fantastic display and the students loved the opportunity to experiment and try a food they definitely had not tried before. Thank you to the students and parents for your support in making this celebration happen.

Message from our Chaplain

Ricky Jackson had no regrets. He was the man charged with murdering Harold Franks outside a convenience store in 1975 and wrongly imprisoned for thirty-nine years. Jackson was given a second chance in life, and it was one he well deserved. He can now live as a regular citizen, free to go wherever he chooses, whenever he chooses. Jackson’s humility, his strength, and his willingness to forgive speaks to the kind of man he really is, and life is a little sweeter now that he has been given a second chance.

God is the God of second chances. He gave each one of us a second chance. He gave us a make-over; all our past sins have been wiped away, our lives have been restored, and we have been given the greatest second chance to live and to live well. I often referred to it as the Gospel of second chances or the Good News of a second chance. I encourage you to make the necessary changes to live a life worth living: evaluate your life, identify those things that need to change, and make those changes. Make a second chance intentional:

  • Change what needs to be changed, and forget what cannot be changed
  • Choose to be mindful of the purpose in life
  • Grow in your spiritual journey with Chris

I pray that you all may experience a blessed holiday. Be careful and safe, Rev Willie.

Careers Expos

TWB – ADF Careers – 3.10.17

WID – Info Session – TWB – 24.10.17

Second-hand Uniform Facebook Page

Did you know the College has a second-hand uniform shop page on Facebook? Its called the ‘SCOTS PGC College Uniform Exchange’

This is a closed group so you simply just type in the page name as above and request to join the group. More details below….


SCOTS PGC COLLEGE Uniform Exchange Service allows College families to BUY, SELL, GIVE AWAY or post WANTED ADS for second-hand school uniforms.

All users of this service are to be treated with respect and courtesy and all transactions are to be undertaken in good faith.

The exchange and payment arrangements are undertaken directly between the buyer and seller and the College is not involved in any sale transaction and does not take commission on sales. It is the responsibility of both the seller and buyer to ensure that exchange items are the current uniform. The College holds no liability in this regard.

For families new to the College please be aware that the College Uniform is currently in transition and all students are expected to be outfitted in the new uniform beginning Term 1 2018.

Uniforms listed for sale are expected to meet the College Preloved Clothing Standards. Only items of good or near new condition are to be listed.

Pricing of items is at the seller’s discretion. As a guide: the Uniform Shop lists near new items at 50% of current uniform price and slightly worn items of saleable quality at 40% of current uniform price, with a commission of 40% payable to the College on all second hand clothing accepted and sold through the College Uniform Shop.

The current Uniform Price List and the Preloved Uniform Standards are available at:



Warwick Junior Cricket Helpers Needed

Warwick Junior Cricket Association is currently looking for some assistants to help run our In 2 Cricket and T20 Blast format which is aimed at children aged below 10 years. Anna Paton from QLD Cricket runs the programme which starts in the 2nd or 3rd week of term 4 and runs for 8 weeks. It usually takes place on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.00pm – 5.30pm.

Previous cricket experience is not essential, but of course would be a benefit. This could be a great opportunity for those interested in a teaching career to gain some experience.

For more information please contact Andrew Byrson on the following details:

Phone: 0419 651 422

Email: bryso@westnet.com.au