Principal’s Welcome Message

I sit and reflect on the holiday that was. There is significant importance in taking time away from school, work and the many other day to day things that occur in our everyday existence. Taking this time away allows us to come back to those tasks and responsibilities with renewed energy and a “full tank of fuel” for the year ahead.
This week all of our staff have found energy and a renewed appreciation of the roles we are privileged to perform, in partnership with our parents, in educating the young people in our care. We have and continue to celebrate the achievements of our recently graduated Year 12 students who have set new benchmarks in regards to academic achievements. We also celebrate those students who have obtained Certificate II or III in a variety of courses, as well as those now working in their chosen trades.
It is fair to say though that we now look to 2018, anticipating the many great achievements our current students will demonstrate, the successes, the failures, the laughter and the tears that are all the ingredients in the development of our children.
As we look forward, we also remember Dolly. I said when I accepted my roles at SCOTS
that I wanted to join a true community. Through this most difficult time the support shown for the Everett family and for every member of our SCOTS PGC community has been of a strength I cannot describe. I am proud to be a part of this great school, this wonderful community and of all we do. Thank you all for your support and the trust you have in us as we work together for all our children’s benefit.
As this year begins, I look forward to getting to know more of our families. I look forward to sharing and working in partnership with all staff, families and students. I look forward to us continuing to demonstrate and be proud of our country values. I believe in SCOTS. Let the year begin!
Regards, Kyle Thompson