Out in the Field – Year 11 Biology

Main Image: Rose Dearden, Siobhan McEvoy, Bridie Shooter and Jess Brierley

Mrs Marcella Mortison
Biology Teacher

Mrs Heather Goonan
Lab Technician

Despite the wet weather, our Year 11 Biology students ventured into the Stanthorpe region last week to complete practical field work and for an overnight stay. Starting at Castle Rock camping area in Girraween National Park, students set their transect lines and quadrants – a sampling technique – to measure the number of organisims in the area.

With the rain set in by noon, we headed to Storm King Dam to record our findings and collect a series of water samples for analysis. While the weather meant limited time outdoors, students spent the evening working on their booklets and identifying the macro-invertebrates in the dam – with many discovering that brine shrimp can indeed jump!

We left the dam bright and early the next morning and headed to Cunningham’s Gap, via the College to collect a number of students. In a mystical and fog covered setting, students collected data and observed a diversity of rainforest flora and fauna, from the captivating Rufous fantail to the far less popular leech!

With noon once again bringing heavy falls, we headed back to school to further discuss our findings and reflect on the trip.