Message from the Chaplain

In my younger days in South Africa, Datsun (Car Manufacturer) had an advert that said, “Life is a journey.” I loved it. Yes, this life is a journey, and it is one that can be snatched right out of our hands. I always say, “I can’t die just yet. There are so many things I want to do for the Lord, and I haven’t completed my work.” I want to ask you: If your life was being cut short, what would you think about? Are there any regrets? What would you want to get done? I believe everything will change when faced with the possibility of not being here. You will want to finish things. You will want to take care of those things that have been put on hold because of time constraints or just because there has been a lack of correct priorities. What is your priority? So how do end up in life with no regrets?   Maybe it is not all the money and status in the world that matters. Maybe it is the following:

  • Trusting in God is a step in living a life of no regrets
  • Share your life’s story; it can help many others
  • Share your faith whenever you can
  • A true God-encounter will always result in a changed life

Blessings – Rev Willie