Message from our Director of Boarding

As we rapidly near the end of Term 1, I am reflecting, as I write report comments, on the happenings in boarding throughout the 10 weeks.  There have been ups and downs for all students and many of life’s lessons have been learnt as students and staff live, work, laugh and play together in the confines of a boarding house.

Academically, Term 1 has been a success story for so many students.  The senior boarders in particular have embraced the new academic rigour and anecdotally have told me that they feel much better prepared for exams and have realised the value of group study sessions where strict rules are enforced.  New students this year have taken a little longer to settle into this enforced rigour but they also acknowledge the value of such sessions.

It is so important that, when the report cards arrive, you take the time to sit with your student and unpack the results with an eye to setting achievable goals for the next term.  If the report arrives and you as parents look at it and don’t discuss it with your child you have missed a valuable opportunity to be part of your child’s education.

Also discuss the behaviour ratings and counsel your child about being respectful, accepting decisions and following boarding expectations.  For many of the boarders the expectation of a tidy and well organised room in the boarding house becomes almost impossible if they have a lot of ‘stuff’ crammed into the confines of their living area.  Please sort out what your child has brought home for the holidays and, remembering that we will be moving into colder weather, help them cull their possessions.

Socially this term we have tried to create a variety of opportunities for boarders to relax together on weekends and Vanessa Solomon (activities co-ordinator) has brought fresh vision to the position and has organised some very enjoyable activities.  We have particularly focussed on improving the mental health of our boarders by getting them out into nature or engaged in physical activity.  The bushwalks have been well received and the real success story for the term has been the regular Parkrun outings.

Many boarders who initially protested about getting out of bed for a 7am run on a Saturday morning have been won over and tell me they feel much better for the outing each week.  I will be challenging the students next term to get themselves registered on the Parkrun website so they can track their times.  This can be done over the holidays and we can print the barcodes and laminate them for the students next term. Now we have students convinced about the beauty of an early morning stroll I want to move many of them along to actually aiming to run the 5km’s.  Of course we do have many boarders who run the distance each week.

Spiritually throughout the term we have been privileged to have our much loved Reverend Willie conduct enjoyable and thought provoking chapel services for the boarders.  We also attended church services in town and the parishioners from the Uniting Church in town love having our students attend.  A group of ladies from the parish bake huge birthday cakes each term for the students who have had birthdays and deliver them to the boarding houses at the end of term.  This is a wonderful gesture and much appreciated by the students.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the work of our Year 12 boarders this term.  They are all fine young men and women who have taken up the mantel of leadership and have been a credit to themselves, their families and the College.  I would challenge them even further to be creative in their suggestions for the boarding houses and to show initiative in implementing their ideas. Have a great holiday with your beautiful children. It is so important to spend time with them as, before you know it, they will be adults with their own lives and little time to spend with their doting Mum and Dad.

Regards, Mrs Michelle Brown

The girls put together an early birthday surprise for Mrs Hart!

Mia Bischoff (Year 7) helping decorate for Mrs Hart’s ‘Pink’ themed birthday party.

Our students have been working hard during their Prep study time. The Tim Tams help too!