Message from our Chaplain

We are still looking at what it looks like, playing on God’s team. There is only one way to play on God’s team – His way. We live in a world that tends to ignore this truth. Many people, rather than trying to depend solely on the Bible’s instructions, have chosen to trust their own instincts when determining what the will of Jesus is in their lives. This is how some athletes become what I like to call “game-day Christians”. People don’t really pray or read the Bible that much, but on game day, that’s when God gets a lot of attention. When we face suddenly BIG issues we turn to God on game-day. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I can be like this myself. I wanted protection from injury, the vision on the field, and a victory all wrapped up in one big blessing. During the week, however, I just wanted my food blessed. Often I’m not aware how silly is for me to think that I can ignore Jesus all week long, and then – like a rugby genie – He’d grant all my game-day wishes just because I “believed in Him.” No one can change what God’s Word says and has already defined as acceptable when it comes to membership on God’s team. Our earthly opinions will never replace God-breathed Scripture. As a Christian, the Bible alone – without twisting, manipulating, or tailoring it – must be our ultimate source of truth and guidance. The Bible is the only acceptable way to play for God. All other methods fail if they try to replace or compromise God’s truth. If life is the game, then the Bible is the perfect coaching manual. Choosing to live by our own rules is like walking up to Jesus and saying, “I’m sorry, Coach. I love being on your team, but I just don’t like certain parts of your game plan. So I’ll just go with mine instead – but I’m still gonna need your blessings on my plans, Big Guy.” As a coach I know that feeling. People, each and every day, is game day.

Blessings, Rev Willie