Message from our Chaplain

One of the most extreme sports I have done is Bungy Jumping. I have done the highest one in the world, Bloukrans, in South Africa which is 180 metres. Does it sound impressive? I do think that if parenting were an extreme sport, it would be the most adventurous sport in the world. Parenting . . . Now that is impressive.

Courage is the strength that makes it possible for a person to face difficulty or uncertainty. As a parent, you might be concerned at the thought of what the future might hold. What a moment it was when I embraced my children for the first time. It dawned on me that there was no turning back, and I remember the realisation that I held a precious life in my hands; that God had trusted us to be his parents. Nurturing a new life and raising a child can be daunting. I know that many parents are held back through worrying about their children and that fear binds them tightly. They live in the realm of “what if.” What if my child fell out of a tree? What if they met the wrong friends and started doing drugs. We need to parent our children with the eyes of faith and a heart of courage. Eyes of faith see our children as God sees them and who they are to become. A heart of courage emerges as we partner with the Lord in raising our children. First off, we parent out of who we are. It takes courage to look at yourself first.

Consider your life and how you live. One of the surprising truths that hit me when I did the Bungy jumping was the fact that I could put my trust in a rope so easily but I find it hard to put my faith and trust in God. I realized it was time to put my worries in God’s hands. Take some time to hand your worries over to the Lord. Give him your fears regarding your children. He promises that He will take care of you and your family. Do you need a heart of courage and eyes of faith? Seek the Kingdom above all else and the Father and will give you everything you need.

Blessings, Rev Willie