Meeting with Duke of Edinburgh

On Friday morning, 6 of our Duke of Edinburgh International Award participants had the opportunity to meet the man who, one day, will be the next Duke of Edinburgh! His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, was in Brisbane having spoken to a TV and live audience of hundreds of millions at the Commonwealth Games’ Closing Ceremony the night before.
Prince Edward spoke to our group of Pip Wolstenholme (pictured above), Anita Wu, Jess Brierley, Toby Rozynsky, Patrick Swift and Willem Wiid for more than 5 minutes, fascinated to learn about how the award his father began 60 years ago is operating in the Darling Downs.
With TV cameras all around, not to mention armed security guards and students from 10 specially-invited schools, our students spoke of the trials and tribulations of hiking on Mount Mitchell, from leech infestations to snake sightings, and each explained why they had decided to become involved in this prestigious award, open to anyone between the ages of 14 and 25. Over 4 million young people have reached at least the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Bronze standard since its inception.
We all thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Prince Edward, and also his Private Secretary, Mr Tim Roberts, who had shared with us that holiday plans his wife and he had for May had been altered in order to accommodate a wedding in Windsor, with a certain nephew by the name of Harry, involved!
All 6 of our students represented the College superbly and even the most ardent republican would have appreciated the genuine interest and enthusiasm Prince Edward shared with us for such an extended period.