Lessons Learnt with Paint

A group of very enthusiastic painters have been gathering in the art room every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to paint the set for the upcoming musical ‘Footloose’.

When looking at the set now, you would never know that under the layers of paint was a blank white roller blind.

The scenes we have painted so far include a church with extravagant stain glass windows, school lockers, a country dance hall, a café diner and a tractor (thanks to the talented crew run by Mr Brady Retallick).

Some things we have learnt through the process:

  1. The Year 10 cohort consisting of Caitlin Auger, Josh Crow, Abby Dalziel and Daniel McNamara have learnt that painting two stain glass windows alike, no matter how large and skilled your team, is near impossible…. Yet Kirra Louise Kuhn and Maddy Kane make it look easy.
  2. Josh Hullock is very enthusiastic, loves to sing and dance while painting and is very skilled at painting wood grain (just don’t ask him to paint inside the lines!)
  3. Mohini Sarkar will complete everything with total precision, but don’t rush her creative process.
  4. Charlotte Ellis is a trusty painting coach often caught remarking ‘see I told you to do it like that!’ After the teacher has just demonstrated a painting technique.
  5. Emily Rhodes enjoys making a competition out of everything, even though her opponent, Sophie Green, doesn’t realise she is in a race to see who is the most consistent Year 11 or 12 student to attend set painting.
  6. Ben Savidge is lethal with a measuring tape and has a gift to calm the teacher down when stressing over the ‘fluffy’ lines, his philosophy being: “Everyone will be looking at it in the dark from a distance – it’s O-KAY!”
  7. Alexandra Marchand was harbouring a talent for painting planets that appear out of this world!
  8. Will Auger is a very flexible and multi-skilled painter who has just about made a contribution to every scene.
  9. Tahlia Simmers and Isabel Mauch learnt that masking tape is NOT your friend when painting lockers – unless you are going for the ‘peeled’ paint look.
  10. The saying ‘measure twice cut (or paint) once’ does not apply to Erin Keogh, Sophie Bignell and Thea Diack when measuring equal widths of timber planks, unless you understand how to read a measuring tape.

I would also like to thank all the students who continue to volunteer their time to paint the musical set. It has been a lot of fun (and at times a little chaotic), it would be an impossible task without you.

Mrs Carmen O’Grady – Art Teacher