Junior Boys Boarding

Main Photo: Our Boys’ Boarding Captains organised a game of dodge ball to welcome all the new boy boarders on their first  night.


Dear Parents and Families,

Here we are again at the start of another school year. I hope that despite the heat you all enjoyed time with your beloved sons. I’ve had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday with Mrs Bailey, but as usual I am always keen for the boys’ return.

Mrs Bailey and I miss ‘the hum’ of the dorm during holidays. We are excited for the returning boarders and the excitement of the new boarders. Having done this job for many years now we know that the new boarders might be a little anxious, nervous, excited or simply just keen to get to their new school and boarding house.

The first term is always a time of adjustment; making new friendships alongside old ones, learning to get into boarding and school routine as well as enjoying leisure time on weekends in conjunction with sporting commitments. I hope that the boys are refreshed and ready for another energised and committed term at SCOTS.

New boarding parents; as you farewell your boys into their boarding life, please be assured that between their boarding brothers, boarding staff and teaching staff they will be well taken care of. As well, Mrs Bailey and I are truly honoured you’ve taken the step to entrust your son/s into our care.

I know that sometimes it’s hard for parents to adjust to sending their son/s to boarding school but rest assured that their transition into boarding life will be as supported and as smooth as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Stewart Bailey – Head of Junior Boys Boarding

Above: Mr Bailey with all our new Junior Boy Boarders on their first day of school at the College.