Junior Boys Boarding – Cunningham House

Main Image: Anna and Trent Twidale travelled from St George to be with their son Mitchell when he received his Middle School Leader Badge.

Dear Parents and Families,

There are “moments” in life when you feel such immense pride and joy that words can hardly capture the moment. The outstanding and kind behaviours displayed by the boys this past week have left me almost speechless and this newsletter will reflect just how proud I am of your boys

This past week I have witnessed selfless behaviour and maturity beyond their years. I have watched boys help one another in times of need and have seen such a brotherly love shown that it’s hard to express in words the pride I am feeling. I hope you are as proud as I am of their offers to help someone in need without looking for a reward; the reward simply being that they were able to help.

Also, this past week I was fortunate enough to witness several sons from Junior Boys’ Boarding receive academic awards at this week’s Academic Assembly. Then to top off this already inspiring day, I was joined by Mr Trent and Mrs Anna Twidale who travelled from St George to be part of the Middle School Leadership Badge Ceremony. Their son, Mitchell Twidale, and Hank Zammit from Julia Creek both were rewarded for their outstanding efforts with Leadership Badges. It has been a proud week from a Housemaster’s point of view and I look forward to further “moments” when your sons display these characteristics that prove what fine young men they have become.

Last but certainly not least, your sons and I have been preparing for Stage 4 of the Boys’ Boarding “Father’s Day” project. The last 4 years have seen our project grow and grow and this year will certainly be impressive. Mrs Brown, our Director of Boarding, and I would like to formally invite our boarding Families along to this year’s “Father’s Day” celebrations on Sunday 2nd September starting in the Des Davey Dining Hall at 10 am. Please see the flyer below for more information and I look forward to welcoming as many families that can make it on the day.

Kind regards,

Stewart Bailey – Head of Junior Boys Boarding

Hank Zammit from Julia Creek, was also named a Middle School Leader last Friday.