Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents and Families,

To say that the start of this term has been busy would be an understatement! From the moment term commenced, the boys have hit the ground running. This week we have had boys away at the annual Brisbane Ekka; proudly displaying their cattle and putting their judging skills to the test. Others boys have travelled far and wide to represent the College in their respective sports from Rugby to Futsal to local Hockey. We have also had Junior Boarders in several Darling Downs representative sports/teams.

A special mention to Beau Kendall (Rugby) and Ewan McFarland (Cross Country and Orienteering), well done to these two boys on their recent achievements at Darling Downs Championships. The Pipe Band has also been a part of the boys’ weekly schedules and from all accounts has been very successful. The College Musical Footloose is rehearsing weekly and will be a great event on the College calendar. As it can be seen, the term has commenced at a rapid pace!

Last Sunday we travelled to Brisbane to enjoy a day of Lazertag as our Boarder Activity (pictured above). With code names carefully selected, it was the younger boarders who had the first game of the day. Seniors were next up and it was with great delight (and a large roar of excitement) that Mr Bolton used my Lasertag card (code name BAZZA) to join in and show the Seniors how it’s done.

The scoreboard reflected a very determined and experienced sharpshooter. It was later discovered Mr Bolton found an excellent hiding spot. The Seniors soon wised up with BAZZA very quickly dropping down the scoreboard.

As promised after a lot of trash talking the night before it was the Real BAZZA’s turn with the Juniors and I was fortunate enough to save face and come out of the game with my dignity in tact……

However, how soon the tables can turn…… with the last game of the day it was all 56 boarders, Seniors and Juniors in a free for all game, no teams. Come on Sir was the chant and it was getting louder and louder. Sadly ( thankfully) I said there was no vest left for me to play. However, I spoke too soon, Duty Manager Max amazingly out of nowhere gave me with a vest to play and with a massive smile on his face and a “Good Luck” from him the game was on.

The free for all game soon turned into 56 boarders on one team and a “You’ve got to be kidding me ” BAZZA facing them alone. Out-numbered, out-classed, nowhere to run and certainly no support, I did what any self-respecting Housemaster would do in a time of crisis. I hid in a barrel. At the conclusion of the game, I came out holding my head high until I saw the scoreboard. Lincoln McNair 1st place, “BAZZA” the other end of the scoreboard. However, a lot of laughs, stories and memories were the true winners of the day.

More importantly, it was an amazing day, a great boarder activity and your children were a credit to themselves and the College. This wasn’t just my opinion, I received several outstanding comments from the venue staff and other patrons.

It is with great delight that I report how exceptionally respectful the boarders were to whoever they came in contact with. They were polite, kind and understanding considering there was a large number of other families there waiting to play their game. It has been a wonderful week so far and we hope this Rugby weekend against Matthew Flinders will be just as positive.

Over the 2nd weekend, the boys had the opportunity to display their river fishing techniques and skills. With the hand lines baited and the more experienced fishermen with their own rods the challenge to catch not the biggest fish, in fact, any size fish would have been great, was on. The boarding boys enjoyed the activity and I must say as you can see from the photos, I really enjoyed the shade provided by some of my Yr 9. Next time I think we come better prepared with a box of fish fingers and some thick cut chips to cook up for lunch……

Until next time, take care.


Stewart Bailey, Head of Junior Boys Boarding

Mr Bailey’s idea of fishing….