Junior Boys Boarding

Photo above: Evan Doughboy, Ben Savidge and Peter McFarland were winners of the Jumpers and Jazz scavenger hunt.

Dear Parents and Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through 2018 and almost at the end of the winter season once again.  With that in mind, winter always reminds me of the annual Inter-Clan Sports Carnival.   I have fond memories of sports carnivals during my youth.

The excitement of the morning march and war cries as you head to the oval to sit within and support your Clan during the day.  The morning’s cool temperature and the need to try and keep warm until your scheduled event.  The camaraderie and spirit of competition that evolves during the day as the Clans fight for the first position; in order to hold that coveted Winner’s Trophy.  As I recall with great fondness past sporting carnivals, it is with an air of excitement that we all look forward to the Inter-Clan Sports Carnivals.  Good Luck to everyone and may the best Clan win!

It was also with excitement that we welcomed a new Year 8 boarder; Austin Rayner from Blackall. Austin has fitted into boarding life extremely well.  The boarders really enjoy having another boarding brother arrive in our boarding family. It was very comforting to see them taking such a sense of responsibility in ensuring Austin was welcomed and knew what to do.

Twelve months ago we were fortunate to have our new Gap Student, Mr Fergus Connolly, arrive from Cornwall, England to work in the school and JBB.  Mr Connelly was outstanding throughout his time here at the College and will be greatly missed. He brought with him a passion for sport especially Rugby and Football (as he called it) and finally I had another Liverpool supporter in the house. Mr Connelly is now enjoying the sights and tastes of New Zealand and will return home to Cornwall to start his next stage of academic studies. We wish him all the best and look forward to his stories and hopefully seeing him in Australia again.

With this great start to the term, I am very much looking forward to what Term Three holds for us.

Warm regards – Stewart Bailey

Goodbye Mr Connolly – we wish you well!