Junior Boys Boarding

Main Photo:Year 8 Boy Boarders, Geoff  Warren, Peter McFarland and Clancy Bambling.

Dear Parents and Families,

As I sit here reflecting on what to include in this newsletter this week, I would like to acknowledge how proud the boys have made me. With their kind and committed actions and involvement, a small group of boarding boys assisted in the Red Shield Appeal.

These young men dutifully accepted this honourable task by wearing their uniforms with pride and acting in a manner that would’ve made every parent proud. Helping those less fortunate than yourself is a life lesson that will always help you to appreciate your own fortunate circumstances. It also helps to understand the importance of supporting others in crisis.

The College Spirit is alive and well and your generosity of time and sense of duty to your school was acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

It’s also that time of the term again when in only three short weeks I will be saying goodbye to your sons and wishing them a safe and happy holiday. With that in mind I have a few End of Term requests and notices I’d like to bring to your attention.

Can I please request that all of your end of term travel arrangements as well as any other questions that you may have relating to the end of term are emailed to me sooner rather than later. A friendly reminder that if due to work, flights or any other commitment, you require your son home earlier than Travel Day, especially if they are missing more than 3 days of school, permission is sought from the Principal and all details forwarded to me.

The arrangements for Cunningham House boarders will remain the same as in the past and will be actioned by myself and need to be sent to. stewart.bailey@scotspgc.com.au

Regards, Stewart Bailey – Head of Junior Boys Boarding