Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents and Families,
As parents of boys, I know you are no stranger to the fragrances of smelly feet, body odour and unwashed hair. As a Housemaster for 14 years, I am here to say that I too am no stranger to these smells and can oddly and somewhat proudly advise that I now have a “Nose of Steel”; with no smell surprising me these days!
The majority of the boys within the dorm are great when it comes to personal hygiene and take pride in good presentation and a ‘manly’ smelling spray of deodorant. However, there are still a few who need to be reminded to use soap/body wash in the shower, wash their hair or put on deodorant before they leave for school.
With this in mind, I have decided to make personal hygiene a focus this term and will be asking the boys if they have used deodorant before they leave each morning. It would assist us greatly in this endeavour if you could make sure your sons have plenty of shampoo, conditioner and body wash (easier to manage than soap) and deodorant.
They will also need to have enough pocket money to be able to purchase these items when they need replacing. It is also important that products are named with a waterproof marker so that any stray items left in the bathroom can be returned to correct owners.
We are also encouraging the boys to be diligent and self-motivated when it comes to putting out their laundry regularly as unwashed clothing left in dorms can make for very smelly rooms.
Thank you for your assistance with this ‘smelly’ matter and we hope to have a dorm that smells of roses! Well, maybe not quite roses but a clean and fresh smell is a smell I am sure we can achieve.
Regards, Stewart Bailey – Junior Boys Boarding