Junior Boys Boarding

Main photo: The Junior Boys Boarding family helped Harry Plint (Year 7) celebrate his 12th birthday recently.

Dear Parents and Families,

We have had a great term.  The new boys this year have settled in really well and seem to be enjoying their time in boarding.  As this is the last newsletter before the holidays I would like to take the opportunity to remind all parents that next term the boys will be required to wear their winter uniforms.  As this will mean a change over in all uniform items from summer to winter, can I please ask that parents ensure all items are adequately named before sending them to school.  If new uniforms are being purchased, please name all of these items with permanent marker at the very least.  Uniforms are expensive and if they return from the laundry unnamed it is almost impossible to locate the correct owner.  Naming of casual clothing is also important.  You would be surprised at the number of boys who don’t recognize their own clothing!

It is important that the names are placed on the item in such a way that it is easy for those sorting the laundry to quickly find the correct owner.   Names and labels need to be placed on the inside of the collar on shirts/t-shirts and jumpers (at the back of the neck) and on the inside of the back of the waistband on shorts/pants.  Labels are best stitched onto socks so that they are hidden when the top of the sock is folded down.  This also makes it easier for the laundry staff to sort the socks as boys being boys; they are not very good at turning things to right side out before putting them into the wash.  Even though the boys use a laundry bag for their small items, please make sure that all underwear is also clearly named as this often goes astray when zips are not secured properly or when boys forget to put items into the bags and they go into the general wash.

In general stitched labels are by far the superior method of naming clothing as they are long lasting and cannot be worn off by consistent washing.  Iron-on labels do eventually come off after extended washing and hot drying. The Uniform Shop can supply excellent quality labels and also provide a sewing service so that you can have the labels attached to your child’s clothing.  I am happy to stitch on a label now and then as a boy receives a new shirt or pair of pants; however, I am unable to label an entire wardrobe unless there are extenuating circumstances that prevent this being arranged by parents or carers.

The following services are available to all Boarding Families.

Sew-on Woven Labels: Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery, so order early.  The labels can be delivered to the college for collection or delivered to your home address
Sewing:  Label service:  Please speak to Deb in the Uniform Shop for prices.
A dry-cleaning service is also available through the Uniform Shop.  Please contact them for a full range of prices; however for your information the dry-cleaning of blazers is currently $24-00 per blazer.
The Uniform Shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8.15am and 4.00pm.  Ph: 07 46669892 Email: uniformshop@scotspgc.com.au

On a final note, I would like to say what a fantastic day we had at the Cross Country on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful sunny day with a hint of breeze to keep the runners cool as they navigated the course.  Mrs Bailey was there with her Vintage Coffee Van ‘Evangeline’ and her Purple Bug ‘Violet’ parked beside for show!  The students loved seeing the Bug and many enjoyed a well-deserved Iced Tea or Iced Chocolate after their race.  Many parents also enjoyed a hot coffee whilst cheering on their children.  It was however the first time that I have ever witnessed one of my boarding boys run in a tutu skirt and win his age division; never losing the tutu and crossing the finish line in style!  There are no words but there was lots of laughter!

To finish the day, I couldn’t be more proud of the four Senior Boys who participated in the “Shave for a Cure” for the Leukaemia Foundation.  These boys; Max Batterham, Mitchell Ford, Harry Keenan and Tom Winter; raised over $2000 for this great cause.  I was privileged to be asked to shave Max Batterham’s hair and proudly did the honours.  Surprisingly, these boys look good with no hair; after Mrs Bailey tidied them up with her clippers to even out the patches of hair that was slightly missed!!  I often say “Everyone wants to be like Mr Bailey’ and these boys new hairstyles make them closer to my image; however there is a massive difference in the regrowth and grey factor for which I am totally envious!

I wish you all a blessed and safe Easter and hope you have a wonderful holiday with your sons.  I look forward to seeing them all back for term two, feeling relaxed and ready to go again.

Best wishes, Stewart Bailey

Joshua Matthews (Year 7) and Damien King (Year 7) with the Cameroon International Badminton players and their coaches. The Cameroon Team used our John Muir Sports Centre to train for the Commonwealth Games.


Barry Lee from Yalari spent the weekend in Cunningham House with our Yalari scholarship holders and some other students from Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.