Junior Boys’ Boarding

Dear Parents and Carers,

I can’t believe it is almost the end of the winter term already.  With only a couple of weeks to go, I am noticing that many of our boys have had quite a growth spurt over the last couple of months and many have grown out of the bottom of their uniform trousers.  Some have trousers that are just beginning to look too short, but there are also a few who can no longer wear their current trousers as they are now ridiculously short.  We have been lending these boys some of the grey pants from our spare collection to try to get them through to the end of the winter season.   I have noticed, however, that our spare collection is lacking in sizes 14 and 16, so if you are needing to replace your son’s current uniform pants, we would very much appreciate any donations in these sizes.

Next term will see the boys return in summer uniform and I encourage you to check your sons uniforms from last summer as many will probably have grown out of them.  If you are purchasing new items (both uniform and casual) for your sons, please make sure all items are well labelled before they return to school.  As always, the Uniform Shop offer a labelling service at a reasonable price and if new items are purchased before the beginning of the new term, they can arrange to have them labelled and ready for your sons to collect on arrival back to school for term four.   Please ensure that all small items such as socks, underwear, belts and ties are all clearly labelled.  Not all underwear gets put into the appropriate bag and unnamed items are more often than not, unable to be returned to their rightful owner.  You would be surprised how many boys are unable to identify their own clothing when it is unnamed!   I have also noticed several boys have either misplaced their own towels or do not have a spare.  We do keep some spares here which I lend to those who need them, but please make sure your son has at least two towels, face washers and two sets of sheets/pillowcases.  These also need to be clearly named on the short edge of each item.  This makes it easier for the laundry staff to quickly identify owners as they sort the clean laundry into the various cubicles.

It is also important, particularly in the summer months, that the boys return to school with an adequate supply of personal hygiene products.  Please ensure they have body wash/soap, shampoo/condition, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush/comb.  These are the basics, but the following items are also useful: lip balm, body lotion, hand sanitiser.

Best Wishes, Terri Stewart