Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents and Families,

It’s difficult to believe but we are now talking about leave plans for the end of term, and planning activities for next term. The half-way mark has come and gone on us; it feels like it has almost crashed into us – staff and boarders alike.

It has been a very busy 7 weeks for us all and I’m sure the next 3 are going to be just as busy, and all the boarders should be commended for the way in which they have conducted themselves this term. Personally speaking, I feel that the Year 9 boys are working with me to develop and maintain a family atmosphere, whilst also making the necessary adjustments to community living and ensuring their new boarding brothers are made to feel welcome.

The past week found the boys very settled with their daily routine and I must state that it was a week without much to share! With the term winding down and assignments becoming due as well as upcoming exams, the boys have made a great effort to remain on top of their academic work. I would like to congratulate the boys on recognising the importance of prioritising their work in order to complete it within the required time frames.

The end of term is fast approaching with the last day for this term being Thursday 29th March. I would ask that parents and guardians start organising and advising of their end of term travel arrangements.

I would also like to inform our new boarding parents and remind our existing parents that students are required to wear the College Winter Uniform from the commencement of Term 2. Please feel free to contact Deb in the Uniform Shop (07 4666 9892) if you have any needs or questions before the start of next term.

Regards, Stewart Bailey