Junior Boys Boarding

Main Photo: The boys trying their hand at ten pin bowling last weekend.

Dear Parents And Families,

Due to an unexpected absence from the dorm at the end of Term 4 – 2017, I was very keen and excited to finally be able to resume my
role. However, I would like to publicly thank the professional and diligent staff of Junior Boys Boarding who, during my absence, did an outstanding job. A special mention must be given to Mr Gleeson and Miss Stewart; who were wonderfully supported by Mr Fergus Connolly. Not to mention Mr Retallick and his son Jed who came into the dorm during their own personal time while I was out of action. The boys truly loved it and your efforts were greatly appreciated. Also my boarding families who constantly checked on Mrs Bailey and I, your kind thoughtful gestures were exactly what the Doctor ordered.

I believe and enjoy promoting and providing a ‘family environment’ and all aspects that come under this banner. One of these aspects is Supper Time in the boarding house. Supper has now been changed from the Dining Hall to within the separate houses. With this in mind, I commenced a new and simple supper routine; that quickly became a family fun time. With the presence of Mrs Bailey most nights, we have a system where I make the toast and Mrs Bailey distributes the Milo and milk. It is always funny to witness the boys trying to coax ‘just one more scoop Miss!’ of Milo from Mrs Bailey.  They are relentless in their quest for that extra scoop!

These supper nights have quickly become a joy and a pleasure to conduct rather than a chore.  The boys will sit down and ignore their phones and simply ‘have a chat’. These conversation topics can range from school to home life and everything in between. The boys are enjoying a relaxed atmosphere whilst engaging with their boarding brothers.  If the boys are on the phone to a parent, the boys have learnt that Mr and Mrs Bailey will quickly give a shout out of “Hi Mum or Hi Dad’ to which the boarder generally laughs and replies ‘Mum says Hi!”

A mention must be made of the impressive manners these young men have been displaying. As the boys depart to get ready for bed, they will say “Thank you for supper Sir and Miss’. Without fail, every night I will be thanked for supper. I still occasionally need to prompt the boys about cleaning up the kitchen area, however to their credit, the boys clean quickly and without complaint. The boys are taking on board a sense of ownership for the cleanliness of the kitchen and this attitude is quickly filtering throughout the whole boarding house.  The state of cleanliness within the boarding house has been of a high standard. Well done boys.

Supper has quickly become a favourite pastime for the boarders and the Baileys. This simple act of having supper in the boarding house has promoted conversation, laughter and inspired new friendships between the boarders. It’s been a delight to witness the sense of appreciation these boys are displaying for this extra privilege of supper.

Head of Junior Boys Boarding – Mr Stewart Bailey

Hank Zammit (Year 7) from Julia Creek with in-house pet ‘Puppette’