Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents & Families

Term Three equals finished.  Once again, we find ourselves at the end of another term.  Time continues to tick by at a steady pace, and it’s hard to believe that 2018 is almost complete.

This past week has been a challenging time for Kim and I with the recent loss of my older sister Leisa.  She fought a brave fight against a cruel cancer diagnosis, and we suddenly lost her last Tuesday morning.  This loss, so devastating at such a young age, took me away from the Boarding House and into our family and friend’s arms, to support each other during this sad time.  However, in the background, my boarding boys, your beautiful sons, supported me most admirably.  They quietly went about their daily routines, adapted to new staff members suddenly being in the dorm and gave us space to grieve.

However, when Kim & I did walk into the dorm, we were surrounded by pure acts of love, support, kindness and compassion from your sons.  They were genuinely sympathetic towards us and were keen to show how much they missed us.  I received many hugs and pats on the back accompanied with “Sorry to hear of your loss Sir’ and even “Love you, Sir’.  I am not ashamed to say that this brought tears to my eyes.  Grown men do cry and do show their emotions when such compassion is displayed.

My sister’s legacy was and is Love.  She fiercely loved and protected her family and friends.  With that in mind, I have been on the receiving end of your sons showing me signs of love in their way.  They continue to swarm me when I enter the dorm; asking “How are you Sir?” and “We miss you, Sir”.  I have always said that my job as a Boarding Housemaster is so much more than that – it is my life, my love and my family.  The honour of being involved in raising your sons is a gift I treasure.  Kim & I were unable to have our own family; but we don’t need our own children with the gift we have been given of loving, supporting, protecting and guiding your boys.  For that, we say thank you for giving us this honour.

We would like to thank everyone for their support of us during this sad time.  However, Mrs Bailey & I would especially like to acknowledge our Boarding Boys and once again thank them for being so kind to us during this time.  The boys even gave me a potted plant of Leisa’s favourite flower; they wrote her name on the pot along with a heartfelt written card.

This following quote was my sister Leisa in a nutshell and I believe it is relevant to all of us.

“Life is not always perfect, but it’s always what you make it.  So make it count, make it memorable and remember, life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

My breath has been taken away by the Love that the boys have shown me this past week.  Thank you Boys – Sir Loves you too; as does Mrs Bailey.

Have a relaxing and fantastic holiday boys and enjoy being with your families.  Stay safe and see you all next term.

Regards, Stewart Bailey