Junior Boys Boarding

Dear Parents and Families.

This year has brought the 4th Annual Junior Boy’s Boarding Father’s Day Project. With the overall vision starting to take shape, it was time to step it up a gear or two. I’m proud to say that your sons, The Junior Boy’s Boarding Band of Brothers, have excelled themselves this year. As you will see from the photos, they have all worked hard, and the result is outstanding. The next time you visit the Boarding House I recommend you take some time to look at what your sons have achieved. You’ll be just as impressed and proud of these young Cunningham Boys as much as I am.

Four years ago we started with a vision of “Junk Art” Sculptures (hence “Bazza” was made). The original idea was each year we would add another one and so on. The enthusiasm and pride is still there and growing. However, our vision has changed. Since 2016 we have shifted our project to the old “Skate Bowl” and our new improved vision is to create an outdoor Entertainment area that all SCOTS PGC Families can enjoy not just Boarding Families.

2016 project saw the skate bowl area cleaned, painted and landscape bricks installed around the edges. But wait, there’s more, a 2.5 metre sandstone brick Fire Pit and a standalone Brazier was built by this year’s Boys’ Boarding Captain Max Batterham. This was the beginning of what will become an area that we can all be proud of and enjoy.

2017’s project was already in the planning stage before we finished 2016 as we wanted it to be impressive. The Families who joined us here last year can testify that it was truly a “Father’s Day” ultimate present. Not only the boys learned a new skill with this year’s project but so did their Housemaster. Thanks to Mrs Bailey’s Dad, my Father-In-Law we all learnt how to build the 2017 “Father’s Day” project, a “Wood Fire Pizza Oven”. Echoes of “That’s amazing, I could build one of those” came from the entire Dad contingent present.  However, a louder echo of “In your dreams, it’ll never happen” quickly drowned out that excitable cry with a more forceful word from our Mums.

This year, by far has been the most productive year on the Father’s Day Project by the boys. The goal this year was to combine the past year’s efforts and make the Skate Bowl aesthetically pleasing (pictured above). This was achieved through the hard dedicated work of the Junior Boarders. However, special mention must go to Darcy & Hank Zammit and Sam Harvey; who put in extra hours to ensure the project was ready for unveiling on Father’s Day. Stay tuned to what has become an amazing traditional project by your sons, and I look forward to enjoying the results with you all in the many years to come.


Most boys are now submitting their End of Term leave request applications, and I would ask that if your son submits his end of Term leave request, could you please check the details are correct and then approve the request through the Reach system. This function of Reach creates transparency and accuracy in the leave process, ensuring that both parents and staff are aware of where, when, and with whom the boys are travelling with. If you still find you are having trouble logging in to Reach, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Stewart Bailey

Joshua Hullock (Year 7) helping to finish off this year’s Father’s Day project.