JAM Notices

Coles Mini Collectables
Year 1 is collecting the Coles Little Shop mini grocery items. If you are no longer collecting these, or have spare items could you please send them to the Year 1 classroom or to the JAM Office. We would like to use these for our Maths lessons on money, as well as playing shop for social skills lessons. – Mrs Campbell – Year 1 Teacher
Friendly Reminder Junior School Pick Up Procedure
Junior school students are to be collected from the classroom at 3.10 pm. If they are not collected in the classroom, the Junior school teachers will take them to the Prep playground area where they will sit on the benches waiting to be collected.
Tuesday 28 August
08:00 JAM Choir
09:45-14:30 Prep to Year 2 Excursion, Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
12:30-1:15 Garden Club
Wednesday 29 August
10:45-11:35 Junior and Middle Schools Chapel
15:15 JAM Dance
15:30-16:45 Musical Rehearsal
Thursday 30 August
07:45 – 08:30 Sustainability Group
08:50- 09:30 Junior School Centenary Assembly (Bandy Theatre)
10:45-11:30 Bush Kids Fun Friends Programme – Year 2
11:30-12:15 Bush Kids Friends for Life Programme – Year 4
12:45-13:15 Garden Club
15:15-16:15 Arranmore Soccer
Upcoming Events
Friday 7 September – Grandparents Day
Sunday 7 to Saturday 13 October – Year 6 Canberra Tour