Helpers Needed!

The SCOTS PGC College has entered a tree into the annual Jumpers and Jazz festival and we are looking for your help (as I cannot knit myself!).


ANYONE from the SCOTS PGC community can help. You can be in Junior, Middle or Senior School. It can be your parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle or friend.


The theme is dulcet so we are looking for donations of pink, purple, blue or white wool.

OR if you could knit anything to do with the theme of music. This could be a square with a musical note on it, or a keyboard.

Plenty of free musical inspired knitting patterns are available here:

Lots of these patterns would be helpful so we can make a tree jumper


Any donations or projects would be greatly appreciated and if these could be dropped off to Reception with Clare Cartmill.


All donations must be dropped off to the school no later than the 17th of July at 3.10pm.

I look forward to the SCOTS community getting together to make this happen!!

Kind regards,

Carmen O’Grady