Hello from the Director Of Boarding

Random act of kindness (photo above): Thank you to the lovely person who dropped these pumpkins on the door of PGC. It made for some wonderful pumpkin soup.


Updated Policies and Procedure – Please see below links to updated versions of our Leave, Prep and Phone and Technology Policies.

Leave Procedure

Prep Rules

Phone & Technology Procedure

Over the past few weeks I have workshopped some of the boarding procedures with a wide range of people – the Yr 12 leaders, the executive, the boarding staff and the boarders themselves.  We have taken existing procedures, reviewed them and taken on board everyone’s opinion.  The attached documents are the latest procedures in our boarding house.  I made it clear to the boarders that these are the procedures and they need to adhere to them.  Being teenagers, some of them want to push boundaries and stretch rules as far as they can.  I have told the boarders that these are the procedures and they need to accept them and stay within the guidelines clearly spelt out.


Please see the following link to some very interesting information around the use of IT and the impact on sleep patterns.  At the forefront of all our minds has been ensuring good mental health for our students.  We are providing  nutritious food,  many and varied opportunities to learn and play,  times when they can relax either by themselves or with their friends and education on healthy lifestyle choices.  Part of this has been to ensure that all students have the desired 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. – CLICK HERE to view document


Girls Long Table Dinner:

This annual dinner is in memory of Amber Zappa and consisted of an Italian feast (provided by our wonderful catering staff) set outside the dining room – alfresco style.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the girls to dress up and show their restaurant manners.  The setting is just beautiful and it is a privilege for us to share this meal with Mya to honour Amber.


Dinner with the Principal

I think Mr Thompson is more excited than the students (just) about this initiative.  Mr Thompson has asked that each Wednesday night four boarders- two senior and two junior – come to his house and help prepare and cook a dinner which they then share.  This gives them all a chance to spend some quality time with Mr Thompson and his wife so they can learn a little more about each other.

Clean Up Australia Day

Last Sunday morning all boarders got out in their daggy clothes to spend two hours cleaning up in and around all boarding houses.  For the girls it meant cleaning up along the front of PGC and ensuring we present the best possible frontage to the public.  The boys cleaned along the river and into local parks.  The P&F donated drinks and snacks to our hard working boarders and a great time was had by all.



Both the senior and the junior boarders have been taken on a bushwalk around the Killarney area.  The seniors did Queen Mary Falls and the juniors Brown Falls.  Bushwalking is going to be a feature of our weekends as we spend time exploring our surrounds- especially Girraween National Park.



Mrs Richards conducted a crane folding session which was very successful.  She is still sewing the cranes into a curtain which will certainly brighten up the common room.




Yr 9 Dinner on Mrs Brown’s Deck:

The Yr 9 boys came across and the students had a lovely evening where they shared a meal together and then had a swim in the PGC pool.  The year levels love the opportunity of spending time with their cohort in a relaxed setting.


This weekend: We are in the lead up to exam week (for senior students) and assessments deadlines are looming for all students, so we have left some time over the weekend for students to do supervised study.  Mark Richards (Director of Learning) has also rostered academic staff to come into the boarding houses to offer tutorial support for students.

On Friday night the Year 7/8 Girls Basketball team will travel to Toowoomba for the preliminary final of the competition.  I will also be there to cheer the girls on and will take some spectators from the boarding house to help support the girls.

On Saturday morning the Girl Boarders and many Boy Boarders attend the local Parkrun around the river.  The run starts at 7am and local volunteers take photos, give times, stand at stations and ensure everyone is ok by being the tail runners. In fact, on Saturday 17th March, all these volunteer positions will be filled by SCOTS staff as we all enjoy a St Patrick’s Day run.  As many SCOTS students as we can muster, both boarding and day, will assemble for the 5km run.  While there are a few grumbles as boarders are woken at around 6.15 on Saturday morning, the general consensus amongst us all is that this is a great way to start the weekend.  I have challenged the students to register on the Parkrun site so they can receive their barcodes and then a track will be kept of their times.  I have also encouraged them to try to increase the distance they run, as opposed to walking, and to aim to run the whole 5km.  Already many of them have taken up this challenge. I firmly believe that such activities are good for the physical wellbeing but, more importantly, for the mental health of our students and staff alike.

Bunya Festival

Our indigenous students will be attending this festival all day Saturday.  This festival at Maryvale (just outside Warwick) is recognising and re-constructing the histories, cultures and ideas of Aboriginal people.  The festival is a family day in the bush and will include food made with traditional Aboriginal ingredients; music by Aboriginal musicians and singers; tours along the beautiful natural creek with Aboriginal rangers and other activities.

On Sunday morning Mrs Richards will conduct a session where she will teach students (boys have been invited as well) to crochet a ‘granny square’. Seniors will also be given the opportunity to attend the U17 Water Rats Rugby game here in town.  Some of our boys will be playing and other seniors will be supporting. The attendance at this activity is voluntary.

On Sunday afternoon, at 3.00pm, senior girls will be transported across to Oxenham Street for a 2 hour study session in the Resource Centre with the Senior Boys.  Academic staff will be present.  Seniors and Juniors will do a supervised session on Sunday night as well.

Yr 10 dinner on Mrs Brown’s Deck – This will occur on Sunday night.