Guest Artist Trish Jackson visits the Art room

On 27th of April, a few students had the opportunity to attend a session with Trish Jackson, a foot artist, photographer, motivational speaker and Thalidomide survivor. Throughout the session, we were given numerous opportunities to observe and inspect some of Trish’s artworks to learn up-close the massive amount of time, patience and skill required to create her masterpieces. We learnt about the materials that she used to create those masterpieces: charcoal, watercolour and pen. We were also able to show Trish some of our own artworks from over the years. One of the best parts was learning about how she did photography in much detail. Then we learned about a neat type of photography, star trails. Star trails are a unique style of photography showing the path of stars as they move across the sky over several hours. This was done by taking a few photos every minute for several hours and then merging them all together in Photoshop. I’ve been able to learn so much about Trish’s visit and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to attend this session and get to know Trish better. – Hannah Myer Year 8

When Trish Jackson came to visit the art room we showed her what the art classes had been getting up to recently. For the Year 9s this was the figurative drawing assessment. We also showed her the progress of our figurative plaster sculptures and how they were made from a wire armature, paper padding and finally covered with plaster bandage. After many enjoyable discussions with Trish about her artworks, she gave us a look at the “star trail” photos she created, which was one of the many types of photography she takes particular interest in. This involves taking many long-exposure photos of the night sky, to show the paths which the stars have taken throughout the night. I think that we both learned much from each other and that everyone took something away from this opportunity to talk to Trish. –Elliot Plummer Year 9


I really enjoyed meeting Trish on Friday and learning about her story and art. Her artworks were very impressive and I really enjoyed learning some techniques for photography she used. I am very grateful that I got to be a part of this experience and share some of my artworks I have made myself with Trish. – Caitlin Auger Year 10


When the artist Trish Jackson visited our school, she came to talk about her life as a thalidomide survivor and how, despite her situation, she believed in herself and became who she is today. Trish also spent a considerable amount of time with some of the art students and I was lucky enough to be one of them. She showed us some of her artworks and what techniques she likes to use. We shared with her some of the works we have completed over the years from lino prints to Photoshop to website design. I ended up doing a demonstration of a printing technique involving the use of shaving foam and ink. All in all the afternoon was a fun experience and I would love to do it again. – Barbara Geach Year 11


Being able to be in a room with Trish Jackson and get a chance to see her amazing artworks and photos was a great experience. Despite her having to use her feet for her artworks, they still end up being fantastic drawings with a high level of detail. As well as being able to look at Trish’s artworks, we also got a chance to show her our own artworks from current and previous years, and also tell her about our artworks and what went into creating them. Trish Jackson was inspirational, and having her at the College was a great experience. –Dan Jackson Year 9