Glennie Interschool EQ State Qualifier

On the weekend of the 17th & 18th of March, 17 riders and 23 horses travelled to Toowoomba Showgrounds for the Glennie School Interschool State Qualifier.  The SCOTS PGC Equestrian Team was very well represented.  The conditions were favourable to welcome three new team members, Astrid Harrison, Lillian Sharpe and Sonia Sharpe.  It was a disappointing absence for Lucy Jackson-Sharpe whose horse was injured the week before the event.

In a field of nearly 200 entries, not only did the College riders present themselves in a consistent and professional way across the three disciplines, but the results speak volumes for the intense effort and training being undertaken by each of them.  The overall results were as follows:

45cm Primary Combined Training

Lillian Sharpe – 3rd

Sonia Sharpe – Participation

60cm Primary Combined Training

Jack Perkins – CHAMPION

80cm Secondary Combined Training 


Pip Wolstenholme – 7th

95cm Secondary Combined Training  

Georgia Rohde – 4th

Darcy Turner – 8th

105cm Secondary Combined Training

Maddie Mathies – CHAMPION

Georgia Rohde – 5th

Secondary Prelim Dressage   

Sophie Brennan – 3rd

Anna Hegerty – 7th

Astrid Harrison – 13th

Secondary Novice Dressage  

Georgia Rohde – 11th

Sophie Brennan – 15th

50cm Primary Showjumping


Jack Perkins – 3rd

70cm Secondary Showjumping    

James Lascelles-King – 3rd

Jacolene De Jager – 6th

80cm Secondary Showjumping

Anna Hegerty – 5th

Pip Wolstenholme – 9th

Leilani Hall – 12th

90cm Secondary Showjumping  

James Lascelles-King – 7th

Darcy Turner – 12th

100cm Secondary Showjumping  


Tye Wickham – 3rd

Mitch Mack – 9th  &  10th

110cm Secondary Showjumping   

Maddie Mathies – CHAMPION

Tom Keable – 3rd

Chase Naylor – 5th

Tom Keable – 7th

Georgia Rohde – 8th

120cm Secondary Showjumping    

Jasmine Alexanderson – RESERVE CHAMPION


The College camp was blessed with some outstanding meals at the end of the long days thanks to self-appointed camp cooks Peter & Julie Naylor.  Their efforts were greatly appreciated by one and all.  A special mention to welcome Mitch Mack back for his first competition, the team hasn’t been the same without you!  This weekend we are looking forward to the Warwick Show programme, a rare weekend with no travel, and we wish our riders every success!

Mrs Sally Keable – Equestrian Co-ordinator

Photo above: Newest and youngest Equestrian team members, Sonia (Year 1) and Lillian Sharpe (Year 2) practising their course run before the next day of competition.

Mitchell Mack (Year 12)

Tom Keable (Year 10) and Jack Perkins (Year 6)