Girls Boarding

Good afternoon All

I am sitting in the lunch room of the Crossing Theatre complex at Narrabri.  I am on a marketing road trip with Kyle Thompson, our Principal, Helen Bohm, the Marketing Officer and Carmel Cowley, Director of Admissions. Yesterday, we had lunch in Inglewood with some boarding parents and then had dinner in Moree with other Mums and Dads last night.

We are currently setting up at the Narrabri Boarding Expo, along with schools from all over Queensland and New South Wales. Families from this region flock to the expo to weigh up their options and, after looking around the room, I believe we are very competitive and an attractive option for prospective parents.

Of course, being a presence at these expos is important but of equal importance is for staff from the College to go into the regions where our boarders come from and meet with our parents.  We want to meet you in your communities as a mark of respect for the effort and commitment you make for your children to have access to an educational organisation that will help make them the best people they can be.  I personally have such admiration for you all as I realise just how far some of you travel to and from Warwick on a regular basis (the added complication of a whole array of straying animals which too often end up as roadkill also adds to the complexity of such trips.)

We want to meet with you in your environment and to have time to sit down with you over a meal and have a conversation about you and your children without the time constraints as you drop off or pick up at the beginning and end of each term.  This is a win-win for everyone – you see another side of us and we gain much more of an understanding of you and your children.  Already, after the very successful gatherings yesterday, the comment was made “No wonder we have such great kids.  They come from great stock and wonderful and supportive communities.”

At the Boarder Parent Meeting on Travel Day, I spoke about how important word of mouth is for the College in both rural and city communities.  I asked the parents in the room to think outside the box and give us some ideas of how best to market in your region.  Are there events that we could attend promoting boarding? Should we come out and host a gathering in your local community? What publications should we target in your area? Any ideas and feedback you may have of how we spread the word about our beautiful College would be appreciated.  No longer can we be the best-kept secret.  I am asking you to shout our praises from the rooftops and keep us in the loop in your community.

We have had a very positive start to Term 3 and we have some exciting things happening now and into the term.  Please keep in communication with your child’s teachers and caregivers – let us know if they have achieved something we don’t know about; talk to us if there is an issue, no matter how small.  We are all there for your child and we all care.

Cheers, Michelle Brown – Director of Boarding