Girls’ Boarding

Highlights from Locke Street:

  • Year 12s are getting excited about graduating and next term’s Cardinal Ball. QCS is over and exam block is about to start.  Our Year 12 cohort is powering ahead with their commitments and meeting deadlines.  They are a terrific team who really support each other as well as others in the boarding house.
  • Rugby State Trials: Shona McFarland, Kate Wild and Tshinta Kendall have all been selected for the Darling Downs Rugby 7s Team.  They make up three of the twelve who were chosen last weekend from across the Downs.  These girls are really talented.  Queensland selections are in late September.  We will keep you posted.
  • Grand Final of Year 9 Debating: Guess What?  SCOTS won again!  A really close comp against Fairholme.  The adjudicator made special mention of boarder, Pip Wolstenholme as being an outstanding debater.  Mrs Brown and Pip’s boarding friends in the audience couldn’t have agreed more.  We are all really proud of this young lady.
  • Many of our girls have excelled themselves at Warwick All Schools, Border Districts and QCIS. One shining natural talent is Beth Doughboy, who is over the moon about her 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement in Shot Put and Javelin.
  • North Star Show Jumping: EQ girls! How committed are these young ladies and so is their co-ordinator, Sally Keable.   Jasmine Alexanderson came 5th in the Open 1.10m, Maddie Mathies 5th in 90cm and Pip Wolstenholme 3rd in 70cm show jumping events.
  • Yalari Outing: Our Indigenous students went out with the Yalari Student Support Officer last weekend to a very impressive display of Indigenous art.  This is what Bryoni Marshall and Thalia Saunders had to say:

“It was a very special day.  Not only did we go to the art gallery at Stanthorpe to see Aboriginal painting and sculpture with Nicolette and Mrs Brown, but we had Beau Kendall’s birthday. Later that night we went for a roast dinner at Nicolette’s home.  Nicolette is our Yalari Student support officer.  She spoils us big time.”

Enjoy the photos from this week.  Girls happy to go to school!

Regards, Bronwyn Clark