From the Director of Boarding

To watch a special Centenary video recently made by past student, Ralph Noga, please CLICK HERE. This video is also available for viewing on the College’s facebook page –

Dear All

This week marks the Centenary of PGC.  The beautiful Locke Street campus has stood proudly in this city for one hundred years and thousands of girls have passed through the green gates.  I often sit in Miss Mackness’ office and reflect on what she would make of the world our girls live in.  Although such things as technology, air conditioning and heating, single rooms and a myriad of other differences are obvious I firmly believe that the needs and wants of the current girls are fundamentally no different to all their predecessors.  They all want to feel valued and loved and you as parents want your daughter to be the best person she can be – strong, confident, resilient, compassionate, intelligent, positive and willing to get out of her comfort zone and have a real go at life.

On Tuesday the College is hosting a Centenary Assembly and around 60 past students and staff have accepted the invitation to be part of the assembly.  They will then join our Senior boarders in the PGC dining room for lunch.  Some of these guests may not have seen the beautiful Locke Street campus as it is today and they will have the opportunity to walk with our current girls through their ‘home’. This is a special day for our College and brings home to us all the wonderful history surrounding both campuses.  Having had three children through SCOTS PGC and being a staff member for the last eighteen years, the history of the College forms part of the reason why it sits in such a special place in my heart.

The partnership between parents, staff and students is a vital and strong character of SCOTS PGC. This is never more evident than in the relationships, trust and teamwork demonstrated between families and the College in our boarding houses. In demonstrating the care we all have for the children entrusted to us I feel the increased focus on ensuring all leave has been documented correctly in Reach has meant that both students and parents have become more vigilant in ensuring details are clearly communicated to staff. This has assisted boarding house staff in being assured that you, as parents, are completely aware of where your child is, how they have travelled there, and who they are spending time with.  I provide a few clarifications this week regarding some of the procedures we have in all boarding houses to further assist in ensuring our communication and the well-being of our students remain paramount to us all.  I would ask that all details regarding leave are in our system by Thursday morning at the latest.  If you are still having difficulty with accessing Reach please inform the staff so we can ensure you are connected.

In order for the College to continue to ensure the best possible care for your children, there are still some areas which need further clarification in regards to leave.  This week we have had some difficult situations arise when students have decided at the last minute to make their own arrangements which take them out of the boarding house after school and into the evening during the school week.  We do have students who attend sporting fixtures on a school night but we have procedures in place regarding completing prep and keeping meals for them upon their return.  This week we had two occasions when students decided to take leave for a dinner. Whilst I understand that often there are valid and indeed important reasons for this to occur, I ask that arrangements are made well ahead of the afternoon or evening in question so that the internal logistics regarding meals, school work and other operational matters can be attended to.

We welcome parents taking their child and maybe a friend or two out for dinner when they are able to do so. As a courtesy and for the above internal logistical reasons we respectfully ask that we are informed well ahead of time.  Boarders are not permitted to go out to dinner as a group on a school night if a parent is not present. We would prefer that where possible formal celebrations, such as birthdays, are organised on a Friday or Saturday night.  If this is communicated well ahead of the day, as many boarding friends as your child wants to invite are more easily able to attend.

For our Year 12 students – we understand how important an 18th birthday milestone is.  If your son or daughter is turning 18 and you want their boarding friends to celebrate with them, please arrange this well ahead of time.  Again a Friday or Saturday night is our preference but, if you as parents decide to take them all out for dinner on the night of the birthday, we can make arrangements if this is communicated well ahead of the date and all parents of students invited to attend have given their consent.  College rules in regards to alcohol apply and no alcohol can be consumed by students if they are returning to the boarding house.

Finally, I would like to share an email which we received this week as it is just one example of the voluntary work many of our boarders do within our local community.  Such service to others is an important part of the education of our young people and it never ceases to amaze me how willingly our boarding students offer their time when asked to help someone else.

Good morning Mr Thompson,

On behalf of the Gatton World Cup Showjumping Committee, I am sending you a note to let the school know of the wonderful help and service given by three of your students at our recently held competition at Gatton from the 2nd to the 5th August 2018.

Three of your Scots students, being Maddie Mathies, Jasmine Alexanderson & Pip Wolstenholme were asked to help out the committee by acting as service staff in our VIP Marquee on Sunday the 5th August.

I would like to compliment these three students on their personal presentation, their courteous service and excellent communication skills.

None of these students hesitated when asked to help out and is a credit to themselves and your school.

Yours sincerely, Christine Bradfield

Secretary – Jumping Queensland

Regards, Michelle Brown

Director of Boarding