From the Director of Boarding

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Even in the final week of term, learning is occurring in classrooms throughout the campuses. Sometimes, we recognise there may be a rare need for early leave from school. However, for the students who are not in classrooms because they have started their holidays, they are missing out on valuable learning experiences such as:

  • finishing up units work for the term
  • sitting assessment items or submitting work for assessment
  • receiving valuable feedback and tips regarding assessment completed this term

In preparation for writing this article I asked as many teachers as I came across to outline to me what is occurring in their classrooms this week. Below is some of their responses.


Year Level Work covered during Week 10 / Term 3
9 Starting work on next unit
10 Participating in the Mindshop Excellence Program – a real world business program where students work with local businesses to solve an issue identified by the business
11 Starting work on new unit



11 Starting work on next assessment item – an assignment with only 3 weeks preparation time – drafts due end of Week 1 next term
12 Starting work on next unit



9 Finishing unit on Food Security
10 Continuing work on Geography in preparation for exam in Week 4 next term


11 History –finishing off ‘The End of the German Reich” and starting ‘A Divided Europe” – new topic

Geography – started new topic

12 History – beginning a new topic “Government in Australia after WW2”



7 (A)   Term test and (B) working on assignment and modules
8 Students do a written and online test and then continue with Maths Pathways modules
9 Maths Test on Friday
10 Students do quizzes and worksheets to prepare for exam early in T4
11 Students have just started assignment with check points to meet in class
12 Started with new topic ‘Appreciation and Depreciation”



9 Completion of 3D Eco-Home Project



7 Completing assessment – performing play they have written
8 Continuing novel study in preparation for an assessment task due in Week 4

Chapter reviews and working on how to write an analysis essay

9 Continuing novel study in preparation for an assessment task in Week 3 and week 8 – workbook being completed
10 Started new module – those students at Business and absent have been told to keep up to date with SEQTA.  They all have a workbook and Prezi to work through
11 Continuing novel study ad have been given assessment task
12 Studying moral issues in the 21st century society in preparation for their final assessment task due in Week 4

Started Term 4 work about writing persuasive texts




7 Ag Sc – Planting vegetables for their monster vegetables unit

Students actively working on an ecosystem project

8 Science -Working on poster – due in week 2 next term

Working on Chemistry unit on Elements with worksheets and practicals

9 Science – Working to improve exam communication; exam technique and theory consolidation and to understand the level of answer required

Biology – learning about the immune system

10 Ag Sc – finish presenting oral presentations on a specific integrated pest management plan

Science  – Style Research assignment due last Science lesson of Term 3

Working on assessment due early next term

11 Cert 11 in Ag – continue practical unit on college ag plot to demonstrate competence in a range of areas such as fencing, tractor operation, handling and caring for livestock and nursery work

Science – Draft EEI due end of term

Biology – new unit on Classification

12 Ag Sc – go through assessment included in exam

Science – starting Relativity theory

Biology – starting an assignment on Evolution


As can be seen from the above, real learning is occurring in classrooms throughout the College (contrary to what your child may have told you over the phone). It saddens me when students pack their belongings a week out from the end of term and then disappear for an extra week of holidays. This also makes it difficult for the College to ensure they are learning and completing all necessary work. Can I please ask that you give the Head of House or Head of Year a ring if you are contemplating taking your child home early for holidays so a clear picture of what will be missed can be discussed.

I do wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday and we all need to spend time with families and friends and recharge the batteries for the final term.

Enjoy – Michelle Brown