From our Director of Boarding

Main Image: Year 12 Girl Boarders and PGC Staff at the Cardinal last Saturday.

Last weekend saw our seniors as we have never seen them before- resplendent in their Cardinal finery.  As I sat at the function and watched as every Year 12 was on the dance floor for modern and old time dances I pondered whether the pure fun and camaraderie on display would have been so evident at other school formals.  They just had a ball, and then, at the end of the night, all pitched in to put the dining room back for the boarders breakfast the next morning.  Chair covers were removed, tablecloths pulled off the tables, the round tables were returned downstairs, and then they left the function.  What a testament to their strength of character and their togetherness as a cohort.

Jacob Cox and Mitchell Mack

We are now fast approaching the end of Term 3.  At the moment, the work ethic in all boarding houses, and in particular the seniors, bears testament to the acceptance of expectations of the students.  You as parents, provide the opportunity for your child to succeed, we in boarding and the academic staff of the College provide the facility, the time, the assistance, the encouragement and the motivation.  The rest is up to the student, and I have been pleased with the application in all boarding houses.



We had some other events to celebrate last week in the boarding houses. On Friday at Assembly, many of the boarders received acknowledgement for their efforts in the recent History competition.  Many of them received merit, distinction and high distinction certificates. Then on Saturday morning, I had the absolute pleasure of watching our Year 7 and Year 8 girls play the netball grand final in Toowoomba.  Throughout the long competition, each Saturday the girls played their best and improved their teamwork, fitness and skills under the direction of their coaches Estie Wiid and Louise Ratcliffe.  The team, the girls, played in the final had never been beaten and had won easily in their last match against our girls.  To see the girls dig deep and claw their way back into the game and then come out of top was wonderful for all the spectators.  Well done girls.

Could all parents and caregivers please let the boarding houses know if your child needs transport to the airport, either in Toowoomba or Brisbane, there will be one trip to each destination on travel days at both ends of the holidays.  Please let the Head of House know if you wish your child to be transported to and from the airports on those days.

Regards, Mrs Michelle Brown