From our Chaplain

Reverend Willie Liebenberg

While not necessarily an avid freshwater angler, I’ve always held a love for deep sea fishing – although there’s been little of that since moving to Warwick. Nevertheless, fishing certainty provides the chance to unwind, switch-off and on a good day, a fish or two.

I recently read a funny story on fishing with an intriguing illustration that brought into view the importance of expectations. A theme that feels fitting as we enter Term 4 and look toward the end of the year. Two Eskimos were fishing on the ice, one with regular line using a small hole, the other with the same line using a hole shaped like a giant fish. This Eskimo was serious! He was fishing for something big! For me it speaks to how appetite creates expectation.

Here at SCOTS PGC we expect great things from our boys and girls, and in doing so, encourage and support them to achieve great things. Yet beyond individual achievement alone, taking the time to ask, “What is our appetite for making a difference to the world around us?” is of equal value. How much do we hunger to change peoples’ lives through the gospel? Matthew 5: 6 (MSG) said, “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.”

So, as we look to Term 4, let’s reflect on this question. Let’s ask ourselves regularly, “What is our appetite for impacting the world around us? How do we hunger to change our students’ lives?” so we can set high expectations and be meet with a corresponding catch.