Exciting news from one of our latest graduates

Mr David Proudlove – Head of Senior School  

We were delighted to learn this week that Sophie Osborn, Class of 2018, achieved a distinction in the USQ Head Start programme.

The program sees talented Year 12 students complete a first year undergraduate unit of study. As Sophie’s passion is the law, she duly applied for and was invited to study the unit, The Australian Legal System, during 2018. Studies are undertaken online with tutor support available.

Sophie credits her SCOTS PGC Legal Studies teacher, Darren Lee, with kindling her interest in this field and Sophie was our Captain of Mooting during an extremely successful ‘season’ in competitions in Toowoomba and Brisbane.

Congratulations Sophie (and Darren!) for taking on such a challenge and conquering it comprehensively! Sophie plans to study law at university in Brisbane next year.