Continued success for College Humanities students

Mr Michael Keevers | Head of Humanities

Following the success in the Australian Geography Competition, Years 9 and 10 Humanities students have polled exceptionally well in the recent Australian History Competition. The competition is sponsored by the History Teachers Association of Australia, testing students’ historical knowledge and skills across a variety of topics linked to the National Curriculum.

Our students have produced some excellent results, continuing to showcase the growing interest towards the study of History. The results of the recent Competition are shown below:

Merit Credit Distinction
Clay Armstrong Kirra-Louise Kuhn Jayden Blacket
Liam Creed Niamh Fender William Gilmore
Charlotte Jarvis Gerard Mitchell Dhanyil Jackson
Michael Keogh Jack Roser Lucy Jackson
Samantha McKechnie Madison Kane Ewan McFarland
Shona McFarland Natasha Paganin
Brandan Waters Elliot Plummer
Matilda Bryant Felicity Sellick
Julianna Cox Eliana Jones
Charlotte Ellis Lily Kruger
Chloe Paganin
Erin Keogh Harriet Plummer
Alexandra Marchand
Kate McCarthy
Nic McGahan
Kaysan Miles
Chloe Wainwright

Congratulations to these students and a thank you to their teachers. They will receive their certificates at our next assembly.