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Crowned Winners of the 2018 Toowoomba Netball Association – Under 13C Team pictured above

The end of the netball season resulted in a great triumph and victory for the Under 13C players.

A thrilling two-point victory over Saints last Saturday and crowned Under 13C champions of 2018 was a well-deserved win, which demonstrated determination. SCOTS supporters and fans were on edge from the start to the very end in an extremely contestant match with turnovers going both ways. Non-stop cheering of fans on opposite sides of the court encouraged and motivated the girls to achieve their best! And the girls did not disappoint, working together to transfer the ball into the goal circle and claiming the final place in the competition.

As the saying goes the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Thank you, parents, supporters and fans, your support on the sideline certainly pushed the girls to do their very best.

When asked what the girls treasured most of last Saturday’s final match, they said “the cheers and support of the SCOTS fans on the side….. and of course the trophy!” – Totally agree!

Netball greetings, from the Coaching Staff.


Last week saw the Tuesday night hockey team play in the preliminary semi-final. Unfortunately the team went down 6 goals to 2. However, the team showed excellent team work against a team of very experienced senior players. This ended the season for the senior team, who have played 22 rounds over the last four months of competition, making it into the major semi-final. Excellent skills were shown by Willem Wiid, Rose McDonald, Patrick Swift and Andrew Wu.

Last week also saw the conclusion of the Primary Schools competition, played on Thursday afternoons. The JAM team (pictured below) went through the season undefeated and played West Warwick State School in the final. The JAM team ended up winning the final 3 goals to 2, to remain undefeated champions. Excellent skills were shown by Brianna Groves, Lachlan Groves and Liam Poole. Congratulations to all players and thank you to all parents who supported the College teams this season.

 TAS Rugby Trip – Wishing our U13 and U15 rugby teams all the best as they travel to Armidale today (Friday) to play against The Armidale School (TAS) in a series of games on Saturday. To view the game times, please click here.

SCOTS PGC Rugby 7s Carnival –  A reminder the College will be hosting a rugby 7s carnival next Saturday 15th September 2018. The College has six teams eagerly training and preparing for this competition, and we wish them all the best.

Regional Athletics Roundup

It was quite a busy week last week at the Regional Track and Field Championships where we had many participants running, jumping and throwing against the best of our vast region. In summary our students scored 7 Gold, 5 Silver, 13 Bronze and 23 other Top 10 placings across both Championships which is quite impressive for a school of our size. I can but praise all for their tenacity and application across all their events across the season. Below are the details of our individual efforts across the respective championships.

On August 28th several of our junior and middle school students participated in the Darling Downs Athletics Championships at Harristown SHS. All performed well and represented the College impeccably and achieved great things just by making it to this level.

Tanner Henley – 3rd Discus, 5th Shot Put

Sam Wainwright – 5th 100m, 4th Long Jump, 1st Multi Event

Hayley Wainwright – 3rd 80m, 3rd 200m, 3rd long Jump, 4th High Jump

Riley Wainwright  – 3rd Long Jump, 3rd Multi Event

Ethan McDonald – 6th Discus

Alyxis McDonald – Shot Put

Alerah Ross – 6th 800m

Ellyse Kruger – 10th Multi Event

Briana Groves – High Jump

From these championships Tanner Henley, Riley Wainwright and Samuel Wainwright have been selected to attend the State Championships in Cairns in October.

Following on from these championships the Darling Downs 13-19yrs Championships were held at The Glennie School and then at Warwick SHS. We had a strong contingent with some very promising results.

Lucinda Bourke – 2nd 200m, 3rd 100m, 3rd Discus, 2nd Javelin

Matilda Bryant – 5th Hurdles

Beth Doughboy – 6th Shot Put

Makybe Edwards – 200m made the semi-finals but did not progress

Toby Gilmore – 2nd Discus, 10th 100m

Will Gilmore – 1st Hammer, 1st Discus, 5th 200m, 15th 100m

Hannah Gordon – 14th 200m, 9th Discus

Millie Groves – 200m did not progress to the final

Kira Holmes – 3rd Shot Put, 1st Discus, 2nd Javelin

Beau Kendall – 3rd Javelin, 4th Shot Put, 9th High Jump

Ruby King – 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 3rd Hurdles, 9th 100m, 7th 200m

Maddie Mathies – 4th Triple Jump, 7th Long Jump

Mackenzie Mayall – 3rd 400m, 3rd 800m

Ewan McFarland – 1st 3000m

Shona McFarland – 4th 400m, 5th 800m

Amelia Meek – 4th 400m

Samuel Proudlove – 2nd 400m, 7th 200m

Thalia Saunders – 4th hurdles, 15th 200m

Chloe Wainwright  – 200m did not progress to the final

Willem Wiid – 8th High Jump

Darcy Zammit – 4th 100m

From these results only a select few were selected to the Darling Downs Team for the State Championships based on the qualifying standards.  We congratulate…

Lucinda Bourke, Will Gilmore, Kira Holmes, Beau Kendall, Ewan McFarland and Samuel Proudlove on their selection in this team.

I encourage our young athletes who particularly gained 3rd, 4th and 5th placings this year, of which we had 25 performances, to reflect on your preparation this year and actively seek me out early next year to help you prepare for your assault on the 2019 championships.

I look forward to attending both the 10-12yrs and 13-19yrs State Championships as a member of the DD Team staff to assist our athletes at the State Championships. I remind them all that training is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the remainder of the term and programs are available on request to assist you over the holidays.

Mr Tom Bradbury – Assistant Director Co-Curricular Activities

Ruby King

Maddie Mathies

Hayley, Sam and Riley Wainwright.

Beau Kendall (far right)

Will Gilmore (middle)

Lucy Bourke