Careers – Year 10 SET Plan

Year 10 students have been working in class every fortnight this year with their teachers, Mr Keevers, Mr Sullivan and Mrs Bellingham, in readiness for their decision regarding their future Year 11 pathway.

The College offers an academic or a vocational pathway through the senior years. This term, the students, their parents and teachers have reached the point where the students have selected their Year 11 subjects.

With the commencement of the new ATAR system, the Year 10 students will commence their Year 11 studies in the last four weeks of Term Four.

Whilst the formal work of the SET (Student Education and Training) Plan has been completed, in the remaining sessions, the students will work with their teachers on resumes, cover letters, interviews and employability skills.

It is obviously very important that a parent has a discussion with their child regarding their choice of subjects in Year 11. The College’s career website ( has some useful information for parents. Of particular relevance is the article ‘Helping your Teenager with Career Planning’