Last season I had the privilege of coaching the Under 19 Boys Warwick Steers (Allstars) in the Presidents Cup Competition run by the Toowoomba Basketball Association. In the beginning the team was made up of Warwick based boys from SCOTS PCG, namely Harry Keenan, Harry Whibley, Ken Huang, Adrian Rothman and Tim Lang. As the season went on some boys from Toowoomba saw how much fun the boys were having and joined the team, namely Jacob Holt, Jordan Biggar, Reilly Gibson Henry Adler, Jacob Pomfrett and Tim O’Brien.

The team played well and fairly throughout the year but were impacted by the boarders being on holidays, the quarantine of the boarders and a couple of injuries. The boys played against some very skilled teams and put up a good show on all occasions. The boys played fairly and when they played well the talk on and off the court was fantastic, including the team cheer led by Tim Lang.

From a statistics perspective the boys were amongst the strongest performers in the competition in a few areas. Harry Keenan scored a total of 209 points and finished as the highest scorer in the competition and highest average scorer, as well as being in the top five for two pointers. Harry Whibley, Ken Huang, Adrian Rothman, Jordan Biggars and Jacob Holt all scored over 50 points. Everyone in the team had a presence on the scoreboard which demonstrated the commitment to teamwork. Adrian Rothman took out the auspicious statistic of the most number of fouls in the competition, which highlighted his commitment to the hard ball.

It was unfortunate that the boys let a few go games towards the end of the season due to injuries and sickness, otherwise they would be playing finals. It must be mentioned that the inspirational cheer led by Tim Lang led the boys in a number of comebacks and pushed them onto better things. My thanks to the parents who helped with transport and scoring. Well done boys. Go Steers!

With thanks, David Keenan – Coach