Australian Mathematics Competition

Seventeen of our students across Years 3-9 chose to enter this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition.  This competition is an externally set multiple choice and short answer test with questions designed to test student’s ability to solve problems using familiar mathematics, moving to problems designed to challenge and use more sophisticated problem-solving skills.

We asked some of our participating students for feedback on this experience, and here’s what some of them had to say.

The Australian Maths Competition was an amazing experience this year. It was full of challenges, problem-solving and…Maths! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for it to come again next year! To anyone thinking about possibly doing it next year, I 100% recommend it! – Hannah Myer, Year 8

The Maths was very hard probably because I have not done a Maths competition before but it was still really good. Thank you for holding the competition.  – James Bourke, Year 4

My Maths experience was great. I’ve never had to do one in my life, but now that I did I feel like I can accomplish anything! – Stevie Collins, Year 5

Congratulations to all those who had a go, and to those who think they might like to try it, it is on again in 2019!

Angela Brittain – Head of Maths Department