Boarding Newsletter

A new term and a ‘flurry’ of holiday stories

Michelle Brown – Director of Boarding

It’s been wonderful to see our boarders swapping holiday stories with great enthusiasm this week. So much so, we’ve asked a handful of our girls to share their stories with us in this edition of the newsletter. No doubt, we’re yet to hear about everyone’s activities and achievements – so watch this space!

As always, it was fantastic to see many of you on travel day. A great discussion was also had at our Boarding Parent Meeting about the value and importance of having clear principles that help our students to become self-disciplined, respected and strong contributors within the school and our wider community. Thank you to those who were able to attend and for your input.

Term 4 may be busy and it may be short, yet we’ve endeavoured to plan a wide variety of activities for boarders. While study, exams and assessment naturally come first, ensuring our boys and girls have the opportunity to relax and recharge is equally important. From pizza nights, pool parties, rodeos and theme parks – the calendar is looking suitably full! To see the full schedule, please visit SEQTA.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Holiday sporting shares from girls boarding

Australian National PolocrosseLauren Morton

I was selected to play for the Queensland Mixed Junior team at the Australian National Polocrosse Championships held in Perth from 1 to 7 October. We were awarded runners-up in our competition, losing to New South Wales in the final with the end score being 22-17. Although we didn’t secure the win it was a huge honour to be selected to play for Queensland and to participate in the final. It was a week full of bonding with friends and teammates, making new friends and constant learning. Nationals was an incredible experience and a goal I have been working towards ever since I began playing when I was 8 years old. I am so grateful for my parents’ support and that I was given the opportunity to chase my dreams, even if it was to the other side of Australia.

Campdrafting Stockman’s Challenge – Hannah Gordon

During the holidays I travelled to Maryborough Equestrian Park and competed in the PCA Campdrafting Stockman’s Challenge, the Formal Gymkhana and Sporting Gymkhana. I placed sixth in cattle work in the Campdraft Challenge, third in pattern work and second overall. For the Formal Gymkhana I secured one second place, two fourth places, a sixth and tenth place and seventh overall. For the Sporting Gymkhana I received a third place and finished thirteenth overall. It was a busy holiday with little time to relax but I saw lots of friends and the experience was worth it.

Queensland Girls’ State Rugby Championships – Shona McFarland

Molly, Tish and I attended the Queensland Girls’ State Rugby Championships on the Gold Coast during the second week of holidays. Tish was awesome and her team came second in the Under 17s. Molly and I played a solid game in the Under 15s who placed third. The competition was steep, but the Darling Downs held their own among other teams from across Queensland.

Glennie Swimming Meet – Michaela Hardy

Shona and I participated in the Glennie Swimming Meet. I came second in 100m breaststroke (personal best), third in 50m breaststroke, and was only 0.20 seconds away from placing third in 50m butterfly.

Shona also performed well, placing third and second in her events and achieving two personal bests. We went home with quite a few medals between us and hopefully doing SCOTS PGC proud.


A new term, a timely reminder

Hawkins House – Senior Boys Boarding

Fraser Bolton
Head of Senior Boys’ Boarding

It’s wonderful to see your boys back at the College and excited about the next eight (or so) weeks. All have been busy sharing their various stories. Ben Whibley was pretty excited about the barramundi fishing up north, and Cameron McNair had a fishing story of his own … although the monumental shearing effort he undertook before setting out for a fish seemed to be the real story.

For many, the break was about lending a hand at home on the farm or working to raise some funds for life after school. On the other hand, we had two boys heavily involved in sport during the holidays. Anthony Hodges competed at the Koori Knockout and Trae Cochrane in the WAC Knockout (alongside Junior Boy Boarder Tyran Petrie) representing north and central New South Wales. Anthony’s team performed particularly well yet were eventually knocked out by a Parramatta Eels development team.

The stories boys share after their holidays always reminds me of what a wonderful, hard-working, dedicated group of kids we have with us at the College. I feel extremely blessed to be able to share in their lives.


A warm welcome and smooth transition back into boarding life

Cunningham House – Junior Boys Boarding

Stewart Bailey
Head of Junior Boys Boarding

Image: This term we welcome Year 7 Junior Boy Boarder, Beau Lyttle, to Cunningham House

On behalf of the team, a warm welcome back to all our junior boarders and in particular Beau Lyttle who joins our boarding family this term from McKinlay in outback Queensland.

While hard to believe we’re already in our final term for 2018, this week has seen our junior boarders smoothly transition back into boarding life.

Term 4 is always packed with academic endeavours, sporting commitments and various boarder activities. Yet before I know it, I’ll be wishing our Year 9 boarders all the best as they continue their journey in Hawkins House, and saying goodbye to those boys who commenced in junior boarding and are now looking to prepare for life beyond the school gates. Already, I have heard the elated cry of, “Mr Bailey, only seven more weeks left of school – ever!” The excitement of a long-awaited graduation seems so close now.

As a Housemaster I’ve had the pleasure of caring for your sons over many years as they start their journey as a junior boy boarder and finish their time as a young man in senior boarding.

It’s fantastic to witness the joy these young men find in discussing their aspirations for the future and equally to see our junior boarders going about their daily routine with a general sense of excitement and energy.

I look forward to a fantastic term and please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss anything in relation to your son or the College.