10 Weeks, a Curtain and Community

As the curtain draws to a close on Term 3, I cannot help but reflect on the term that was. I often have found that Term 3 is the longest, and usually the hardest term, yet it is also a term that contains so much for our students and staff. It goes quickly, yet at times never seems like it is going to end.

As I reflect, I see our musical cast and crew deep in rehearsals for a Term 4 performance (I like the synergy of this term drawing to a close as we practise for raising the curtain on a performance). I remember the rugby 7s tournament recently held at the College and the Warwick surrounds – our boys and girls uniting and supporting each other in their endeavours and, at the same time, demonstrating a camaraderie with other schools through competition and respect. I remember our mighty u/13 netball girls winning their game against favoured opponents and the sheer joy on their faces, not to mention their coaches. I feel the exhaustion of our Year 12s as they complete QCS examinations and the myriad of assessments as they see out their final Term 3, ever. I think of the 200 plus visitors to our Grandparents morning, our community again coming together and sharing what it means to be a SCOTS PGC boy or girl, parent and grandparent. I cannot help but be over whelmed by our seniors as they show prospective parents around on open morning, talking about the College as no one else can, and at the same time showing what SCOTS PGC is all about in developing young men and women of character. I see the staff, attending events our students are involved in, because they are genuinely interested in the development of your sons and daughters. I see the extra help at lunchtimes, in the mornings and sometimes into the evenings because we all are united in achieving the best for our kids. I remember the conversations on the sidelines, at drop off and pickup with parents and our kids as another day ticks by.

And, as I write, I know I am leaving out a plethora of events, small and large, that have shaped the learning of our students, our staff, and our families. SCOTS PGC is busy. It is more than busy, it is alive with humanity and a sense of community. I constantly come back to that intangible that is community, a sense of belonging, a sense of the individual being important but the collective of all the individuals also being central to who we are. We at SCOTS PGC can be more like other places if we choose to be, but no other place can be like SCOTS PGC. We need to remember, both when things are going well and easy, as when we are challenged internally and externally, that we are part of something greater than one person, we are SCOTS PGC and we should be proud of all we stand for.

I would, as always, take this opportunity to thank our community for their support and engagement this term. I again thank our staff for their professionalism and commitment to our boys and girls. I wish all our students a safe holiday and we look forward to welcoming them back next term when the curtain goes up on Term 4.

Regards, Kyle Thompson – Principal